Our Vision

A Generation of people free of HIV/AIDS

Our Mission

To coordinate the broad spectrum of the State HIV/AIDS response by way of overseeing the policy formulation, coordination of project implementation and providing leadership as well as monitoring the progress of HIV services.

Our Objectives

Providing home and community based care for people living with AIDS, care and support for orphans and vulnerable children, youth livelihood and promotion of abstinence among youths; economic empowerment and improved food security for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Expanding access to HIV prevention, treatment and services through workplace programmes; strengthening the policy and regulatory environment to protect persons living with or  affected by HIV/AIDS

Providing HIV prevention information and testing to most–at-risk groups (sex workers, uniformed personnel, MSM, PWID, Youths etc) general adult populace, owners and employees of micro and small businesses and training owners on how to adjust their businesses plans in light of HIV/AIDS

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