Afijio Local Government

The present Afijio Local Government came into existence when the then Federal Military Government in 1989 decided to divide the defunct Oyo Local Government Area into autonomous council areas. This development gave birth to Afijio Local Government and of course its progenitor, Oyo Local Government.

However, Afijio Local Council has been created three (3) times. First in 1964, as Afijio Provisional Authority. Second, in 1981 when the entire area was merged with Oyo Local Government before it was again carried out as an autonomous political entity in May 1989 with its former name, Afijio which is an acronym of Awe, Akinmoorin, Fiditi, Ilora, Imini, Jobele, Iware, Iluaje, Oluwatedo and Ojutaye which are the major towns that constitute the Local Government.

Our Vision

Afijio Local Government Council set to accomplish the following visions: which includes the participation of the council in the  Government of a State as respects the following matters:

  • The Provision and maintenance of primary, adult and vocational education;
  • The development of agriculture and natural resources, other than the exploitation of minerals;
  • The provision and maintenance of health services; and
  • Such others functions as may be conferred on a Local Government Council by the House of Assembly of the State.

























Our Mission

According to the Fourth Schedule 1 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. The main mission of Afijio Local Government Council are

as follows:

  • The Consideration and the making of recommendations to a State commission on economic planning or any similar body on
    • The economic development of the State, particularly in so far as the areas of authority of the council and of the State are affected, and
    • proposals made by the said commission or body;
  • Collection of rates, radio and television licenses;
  • Establishment and maintenance of cemeteries, burial grounds and homes for the destitute or infirm;
  • Licensing of bicycles, trucks(other then mechanically propelled trucks), canoes, wheel barrows and carts;
  • Establishment, maintenance of and regulation of slaughter houses, slaughter slabs, markets, motor parks and public conveniences;
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, streets, street lightings, drains and other public highways, parks, gardens,

open spaces, or such public facilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of Assembly of a State

  • Naming of roads and streets and numbering of houses;
  • Provision and maintenance of public conveniences, sewage and refuse disposal;
  • Registration of all births, deaths and marriages;
  • Assessment of privately owned houses or tenements for the purpose of levying such rates as may be prescribed by the

House of Assembly of a State; andControl and regulation of:

  • Out–door advertising and hoarding;
  • Movement and keeping of pets of all description,
  • Shops and kiosks,
  • Restaurants, bakeries and other places for sale
  • Laundries, and
  • Licensing, regulation and control of the sale of liquor

Our Objectives

The Administrative Headquarters of the Local Government is located at Jobele.  The strategic location of the Local

Governmentby nature falls within the deciduous forest zone in the central part of Oyo, it occupies a land area

of about 800 square kilometerand a short distance from the State Capital, Ibadan.

Afijio Local Government is bounded in the South by Akinyele Local Government, in the North by

Oyo East Local Government, inthe West by Iseyin Local Government, while in the East  shares common boundary

with Ejigbo and Iwo Local Government Area  of Osun State.

Apart from the major towns and villages mentioned earlier, other communities within the Local Government area

include:The ten (10) political wards in Afijio Local Government area namely:-

  • Ward 01 – Ilora
  • Ward 02- Ilora
  • Ward03- Ilora
  • Ward 04 – Fiditi
  • Ward05 – Fiditi
  • Ward 06 – Awe
  • Ward07 – Awe
  • Ward08 – Jobele/Akinmoorin
  • Ward09 – Iware
  • Ward – Imini

Afijio Local Government is mainly dominated by Yorubas but other resident tribes can be found in their thousands

residingin different parts of the area.

The predominant religions of the indigenes are Christianity and Islam. Nevertheless traditional worshippers

operate freely withinthe council area.

The indigenous of Afijio Local Government are mostly farmers and the Local Government is blessed with

vast agricultural productssuch as Maize, Yam, Cassava, Groundnut, Fruit, Cocoa, Oilpalm,

 Kolanut, Coffee and Orange.

There are many poultry farmers, large scale and subsistence ones. the largest Government farm settlement in

the state is in this local government Ilora Farm Settlement. Some of the people are also artisans and they also

engage in distributive trading in and outside the local government area.

Afijio Local Government is inhabited by peace loving people. They are hardworking, hospitable and lawabiding.

The entire Local Government Area is generally peaceful.In the Nigerian context, the local government area can be

saidto be both semi-urban and rural council. It has the necessary social amenities to facilitate smooth economic


There exist good and well maintained road networks, regular supply of both pipe borne water and deep well water,

communication facilities viz G.S.M, Land phone and postal services.

The Local Government is not lagging behind in the establishment of financial Institutions,

African International Bank Limited PLCat Ilora was first Commercial Bank in the Local Government.

Following this, is First Bank, Eleekara Community Bank,Idiigba; Ilora Community Bank; Oleyo

Community Bank, Fiditi and Spring Bank.

To boost commercial activities of the people in the Local Government area, several markets exist notably;

Iware, Aawe, Fiditi, Ilora, Ijaye-Ojutaye and Eleekara Markets.

Crops Produced in the LGA

Food crops              Cash Crops

Maize                        Cocoa

Yam                           Kolanut

Cassava                     Coffee

Coco-yam                 Orange



The crops are produced in large quantities in the following towns Ilora, Fiditi, Aawe, Jobele, Akinmorin, Iware and Imini.

The Local Government plans to regain her lost glory in fruits and citrus production through the procurement and distribution of fruit and citrus seedlings to farmers of the council area.

An investor could put his/her money in large scale production of citrus, orange, fruits and poultry farming.

The Local Government is blessed with vast expanse of land that could be acquired with ease for crop farming or livestock production.

The Local Government can boast of the existence of many tractors that could be hired at low price for mechanized or small-scale farm works.

There exist good and well-maintained road network that could guarantee easy transportation of farm products.

There are enough financial institutions that could aid and safe transfer of capital.

All the major towns of the local government have hotels for relaxation.

The major tourist attractions identified in the local government area are:

  • Ese Oloja Hill:

The hill is located along Imin road in Ilora town.

The hill is a twin hill and tradition has it that the bigger hill is named the wife while the smaller hill is the husband. A church is built on  the hill by the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Mission. People from far and near including Europeans visit the hill any time of the year  and C.A.C. members from all over the world converge to the church on the hill annually for special worship service.

  • Ifeniyi Hill:

This hill is found at Oke Isanmi in Ilora town.

It was the first place of settlement for the forefathers of Ilora people who migrated from Ile-Ife town. It is believed that people live on the hill before the expansion of Ilora town to its present size. It is also believed that the hill provide security (protection) to the people especially from wars and external aggression.

  • Obanako (A Big Tree):

Obanako is a Deity that was worshipped in Ilora town before this modern age. It first settled within the community and when people defiled it, Obanako decided to leave the community for a place called Oluwatedo now known as Obanako Settlement.

The Deity surrounds itself with a chain. The people believed that the Obanako is an intermediary between them and God. They also  believed that it gave them protection during wars. They have a popular song they sing in praise of Obanako power of protection thus:-  (Ogun nle mi bow a o, Obanako gba mi o!) meaning I am pursued by war; Obanako, rescue me o!.

  • Orisa Popo (Mystery Water):

This is a Deity found in Ilora Town. The Deity was worshiped bu Ilora people before the advent of Christianity and Islam. Today, the  Deity is being worshiped in the month of June every year to coincide with the harvest of new yam. It is being worshiped for three (3)  good days. It is believed that the Deity has the power of protection, healing and provision. If there is misunderstanding between two  Ilora  people or if one person cheats another, the person cheated will invoke the spirit Popo river to judge between them.

  • Sogidi Lake:

Sogidi Lake is found in Aawe town. It is believed that Sogidi is a female human being turned into a lake and that she lives in the lake till  today. Half of its body is Fish, while the remaining half is human body. Sogidi is worshiped by people of Aawe yearly and during the  annual festival, Sogidi will come out of the lake. It was believed that Sogidi has the power to heal and give babies to barren women. In  every month of October when the Aawe Day is celebrated, Aawe Indigenes and visitors pay homage to the Lake to ask for blessings,  protection and long life.

  • Igi Omo:

Igi Omo is an ancient tree owned by the Alajoguns (witches and wizards). The tree is found in Ilora town. It was believed that if a leaf of the tree is plucked by anybody, bad things will happen to the person. All efforts put forth to cut the tree by both the indigenes and  Europeans have failed. For any part of tree to be used, the Alajoguns must be consulted.

  • Odo Eegbe:

Odo Eegbe is a merciful and lenient river found in Fiditi town. The Oba and people of Fiditi appease the god of Eegbe river especially during the dry season when water is difficult to get, with a bucket full of water, poured inside the river. Before getting home after the rituals, they will all be soaked with rain water. On getting to town, enough water will be found everywhere, wells, streams and rivers.  Annual festival is held for the river.

  • Aribonbo Sana – Iyawo:

This is a Deity found in Ilora. Every woman married into Aribonbo community is bound to dance round the Deity after the birth of her  baby.

Other attractions to potential tourists in Afijio Local Government area are:

  • Kuntanti Shrine at Aawe Town
  • Oke Ajadi at Fiditi Town
  • Yemoja at Akinmorin Town
  • Erugun Ati Ilu Aje TownAll identified tourist attractions in the Local Government Area witness large visitor turnout of the large patronage of the tourist centers.

For business transactions, the local government can boast of the following markets:

  • Eleekara Market at Ilora
  • Ayetoro Market at Ilora
  • Oparinde Market at Ilora
  • Oba Akibio Market at Ilora
  • Bode Market at Ilora
  • Imini main Market at Imini
  • Iware main market at Iware
  • Akinmorin Day Market, Akinmorin
  • Egbejoda Market, akinmorin
  • Alaawe main Market, Aawe
  • Ijaye Ojutaye market at Ijaye-Ojutaye

Farm products and commercial goods are sold and bought in all the above mentioned markets. Easy transportation of farm products from the farm and goods from other parts of the country to the markets is guaranteed through the availability of good and well-maintained road network in the local government area. Such farm products include:

  • Yam
  • Tomatoes
  • Cassava
  • Groundnut
  • Fruits
  • Orange
  • Kolanut
  • Coffee
  • Oil palm
  • Cocoa

Yam, Cassava, Maize, Fruit, Orange, Groundnut, Tomatoes are sold in large quantities between the months of June and September in all the markets. Majority of the marketers are women who buy in large quantities from these markets and transport them to Ibadan, Lagos and other big markets to sell.

Names Of Major Financial Institutions Present In The Area Are

  • African International Bank Limited Plc, Ilora
  • First Bank of Nigeria Limited, AAwe
  • Aawe Community Bank, Aawe
  • Eleekara Community Bank, Idi-igba, Ilora
  • Ilora Community Bank, Ilora
  • Oleyo Community Bank, Fiditi
  • Spring Bank inside SPED, Akinmorin

Major Industrial Presence

  • Bond Chemicals, Aawe
  • Yinka Folawiyo Farms, Ilora
  • Amo Sanders, Aawe
  • Amo Farms, Aawe

Other Areas Of Interest

  • Livestock especially poultry production
  • Fruit canning industries making of Pine-apple, Orange, Citrus and Tomatoes juice.
1. Late Chief Adeleye O. A. Elected 1979 – 1983
2. Mr. Ayoola Elected 1989 – 1990
3. Mr. Abiodun Ajobo Appointed 1990 – 1990
4. Chief Owolabi F. O. Elected Dec. 1990 -Aug. 1991
5. Chief Balogun Appointed Aug. 1991 – Dec. 1991
6. Chief Owolabi F. O. Elected 1991 – 1994
7. Mr. Tunji Oyetoso Appointed 1994 – 1996
8. Mr. Gbade Adeyemo Elected 1996 – 1997
9. Mr. Kayode Adio Elected 1997 -1998
10. Alhaji Adegoke M. A. Appointed 1998 – 1999
11. Late Dn. J. O. Amole Elected 1999 – 2002
12. Hon. Bisi Adelabu Appointed 2002 – 2003
13. Hon. Sewo Odunewu Appointed 2003 – 2004
14. Hon. Sewo Odunewu Elected 2004 – 2007
15. Hon. Rogba Olutunde Appointed April 2007 – June. 2007
16. Chief Ayantade Ipadeola Appointed June 2007 – Jan. 2008
17 Late Adeleye E. A. Elected Jan. 2008 – 2010
18. Hon. Akinbiyi Tunji Appointed 2010 – April 2011
19. Hon. Oluade Olorode Elected 2011 – 2015
20. Hon. Lukumon Anwo Appointed March 2016 –

The Local Government is presently being administered by Career Civil Servants in the absence of political functionaries.  The list of the management team are:-

  • Muili, A. A. – Head of Local Government Administration
  • Oladiran, O. O. – Director, Admin. & Gen. Services
  • Kazeem K. B. – Director, Finance and Supplies
  • Miss Alade V. L. –  Director, Agric & Natural Resources
  • Shittu C. O. – Primary Health Care Coordinator
  • Eniayewu, K. O.    – Director of Works
  • Ogundele, G. O.           –  Director, Education and Social Services
  • Alli, R. T. – Director, Budget, Planning, Research and Statistics
1. Asphaltic tarring and construction of hydraulic structure. Orilongbogbo-Express link road, Fiditi. 821m Completed
2. Asphaltic tarring and construction of hydraulic structure. Abojupa Scheme to Navy School junction (Phase I) 620m Completed
3. Asphaltic tarring and construction of hydraulic structure. Police Station Road, Jobele. 350m


4. Asphaltic tarring and construction of hydraulic structure. Abojupa Scheme Osundeyi Area (Phase II) 200m Completed
5. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. Sagidi-Adegbodu road, Awe. 500m Completed
6. Asphaltic tarring and  drainage construction. Idi-Ope/Palace road, Iware. 400m Completed
7. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. Idi-Igba/Ilora Baptist Express link road, Ilora. 520m Completed
8. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. OkeSanmi-Ilora Community Grammar school, Express road, Ilora. 630m Completed
9. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. Akinmoorin Grammar School, Chief TadeIpadeola Road, Akinmoorin. 450m Completed
10. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. Jobele-Express link road, Jobele. 580m Completed
11. Asphaltic tarring and drainage construction. Dangote-Express link road, Ilora. 480m Completed
12. Construction of perimeter fence for the mobile clinic at Oja Isale ,Ilora. Oja Isale, Ilora Completed
13. Construction of concrete platform for mobile clinic at Ilora Oja Isale, Ilora Completed
14. Evacuation of septic tank, wall fence and concreting at mobile clinic. Oja Isale, Ilora Completed
15. Construction of open shield at Okediji Maternity Centre , Ilora Ilora Completed
16. Construction of concrete  speed breakers Akinmoorin/Iware road Completed
17. Construction of canopy,windowblind,benchand supply of plastic chairs, table to mobile clinic OjaIsale , Ilora  




18. Block setting and installation entrance gate at mobile clinic OjaIsale, Ilora Completed
19. Repair works on iron monger and roofing truce members at millennium development goal building along Imini road Imini road , Ilora Completed
20. Repair works on iron monger and roofing  works Okediji market centre , Ilora Completed
21 Repair works and long span aleuronic roofing sheet coverage of the council hall Local Government Secretariat Jobele
22 Repair works and long span aleuronic roofing sheet coverage of the block of offices for PHC department Local Government Secretariat Jobele Completed
23 Repair works and long span aluzonic roofing sheet coverage of the block of offices for work department Local Government Secretariat Jobele Completed
24 Re-roofing of the block of offices for education department Local Government Secretariat Jobele Completed
25 Spot stabilization and grading of the alternative road General Hospital, Fiditi Completed
26 Bulldozing/ opening up of alternative road General hospital, fiditi Completed
27 Repairing of vehicle ford hilux attached to Works department Local Government Secretariat Jobele Completed
28 Fuelling of Mikano generator Local Government Secretariat Jobele Completed
Total 5,551m

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