Akinleye Local Government was created in 1976 during the military government of General Muritala-Obasanjo regime. It was carved out of Ibadan Municipal Government. Akinyele Local Government has since been governed by twenty Honourable Chairmen.

Akinleye Local Government was created in 1976 during the military government of General Muritala-Obasanjo regime. It was carved out of Ibadan Municipal Government. Akinyele Local Government has since been governed by twenty Honourable Chairmen.

The last census put the Local Government at 211,359 populations. The people of the local government are predominantly farmers but there are also a sprinkle of artisans. Education is also one of the people’s priced industry.

Akinyele Local Government is highly heterogeneous and metropolitan in nature especially in areas like Ojoo, Orogun, Sasa, Moniya and Akinyele where Nigerians from different tribes and foreign nationals reside. This development is evident of the friendly and accommodating nature of the people of the local government.

In addition, the local government is also host to a number of notable institutions including Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), International Institute of Tropical Agricultural (IITA), Federal School of Statistics, the proposed Dominican University, Second Mechanised division a.k.a Odogbo Cantonment and a reasonable percentage of the University of Ibadan Land area falling within the Local Government around Apete.

The culture of the people is in tandem with Yoruba culture. There are also veritable tourist attractions such as the Bowen’s Tomb and Ope Ijaye of the historical Kurunmi War in Ijaye, Oke Idan in Ikereku many festivals very rich in culture.

1 Trust in God Hotel
2 Uwacity Hotel Shasha
3 Super Guest House Aduloju, Agbowo Express
4 Ori learn Hotel Onile Aro, Ojoo
5 Motel Majesty Abatakan, Ojo
6 3 Star Hotel Ojoo Total Filling Station
7 Griba R. Guest House
8 Hot Point Hotel Moniya
9 Azeez Restaurant Moniya
10 Roxy Guest House Orile Aro Area Ojoo
11 Ibadan North Gate Motel Shasha
12 Shasha Guest House Shasha
13 Rose Hotel Ebedi
14 Akiije Guest House Moniya, Oyo Road
15 Unity Guest House
16 Borry Traveller Hotel Irepodun Area
17 Cute Guest House Agbowo Express
18 Haco Hotel Iseyin Road
19 Comfort Guest House Iseyin/Ijaye Road
20 Arena Inn Abiola, Moniya
21 Angels Inn Ojoo Express way
22 De-Legacy Hotel Orogun/Ojoo
23 Ajani Villa Moniya

Agricultural is the main occupation of the people of Akinyele area. Agriculture provides income and employment for over 90 cent of the people. The Local Government falls within the forest and derived savannah zones of the country. This make it possible for the area suitable for a wide range of corps – both food and cash crops.

Among the food crops are Yam, Maize, Cassava, Soya, Beans and Plantain while cash crops include Oil Palm, Cocoa, Timber etc.

Rice production is popular among farmers within the Local Government around Babamogba-Bantu area.

The popular International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has its HQ within the Local Government. Farmers within the Local Government had benefited immensely from the research findings from IITA. The Local Government farmers supply various improved varieties of cassava to other support agric establishments in the Local Government.

  • Ayanyemi
  • Atokowagbowonle Dudun group
  • Arijogbayi Bata group
  • Ibadan central students cultural troupe
S/N Festival Town Month
1 Egun Alabata






2 Odun Ibeji Alabata




3 Oosa Idi Oro

Idi Oro



4 Osun Ijaye Oct
5 Oosa Olojo Alabata August
6 Ifa Alabata February
7 Ogiyan Alade/Moniya




8 Alalaegbo Alabata December
9 Oro Ijaye Nov

Cocoa plantation in major villages owned by individuals and Government. There is a cattle markets at Moniya and also Akinyele Farmers traders’ markets.

People from various walks of life trade at the Local Government famous markets like the farmers’ market at Moniya and Odunnewu, Olanla Market, Alaawe, Imini, Ijaye, Apapa, Ikereku, Jarija, Onidundu, Akinyele, Ojoo, Elekuru, Ayetoro, Olosun, Olorisaoko and Alabata, Olunlosin and Ojaoba Iroko.

There is the production of Black Soap at Ketepe, Gari at Moniya, Jarija and Ijaye; Palm Oil at Iroko.

Some of the industrial representations include –

1 L. A. Adisa Quarry Production of Stone, Granite at Moniya-Ojo Road.


2 Mova Technology Akinyele Village, Maker of Agro Allied Machines
3 COMPOL Nigeria Ltd Produces Concrete Pole.
4 Fagol Metal Construction J & P Area Moniya.
5 Vabo Agric A Large Settlement of Poultry Farms at Onilu Village.


6 IITA International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Idi-Ose. The establishment is into Research and Training in tropical crops like Tubers, Cassava and Yam.
7 International Trailer Park Akinyele Village.
8 Carpet Royal J & P Area Moniya
9 P. W. Construction Company Ibadan, Ilorin

Express Way

10 Funduk Pure Water Factory J & P Area Moniya.
11 NISER Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research.


12 FOS Federal School of Statistic, Ajibode Road behind NISER.


13 Nigerian Army 2nd Mechanised Division, Odogbo near Ojoo.
  • Sasa Ojoo Community Bank, Oojo.
  • Irepo Community Bank, Moniya-Ojoo Road
  • Spring Bank, Olororo Bus Stop, near NISER
  • There is the famous Idan Hill at Ikereku from where places as far as Mapo Hill in Ibadan can be viewed from its apex.
  • There is the Oke Olorunkole at Akinyele Village. The name was derived from the site being “Natural room built inside the rock”. The room has been renovated for spiritual uses.
    •  The hill has also been modernized by the construction of steps on the surface of the hill from down to its apex. Altars were built around the reputed footprint of an angel that appeared to the founder during prayer.
  • There is the renovated Kunrunmi Palace at Ijaye.
  • There is the Ogun Kunrunmi Shrine during his life time.
  • There is the dilapidated “Sango” Kunrunmi Palace at Ijaye and Sango shrine.
  • There is also the site of the famous palm tree that received partially all the bullets meant for Kunrunmi and his warriors known as ‘Ope Kunrunmi’ or Ope Ijaye.

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