In the bid to ensure the development and enhancement of public infrastructure, public assets and other facilities through coordinated policies and programmes on Public Private Partnerships, the present administration in Oyo State established the Office of Public Private Partnerships which metamorphosed into the Bureau of Investment Promotion and Public Private Partnerships in 2014 when the Department of Investment Promotion in the Ministry of Trade, Investment and Cooperatives was co-joined with the office of PPP to improve the investment climate ranking, ease investment/business start-ups and Public Partnership in the State.

Our Vision

Promotion of economic and industrial growth for sustainable development of the State.

Our Mission

Promotion of investment and economic activities through a structured one-stop-shop approach for socio-economic transformation of Oyo State.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage, promote and coordinate investment in Oyo State and serve as fast-track investment facilitation and warehousing mechanism. This is with the view to making the investment climate of the State, with respect to ease of investment/business start-ups and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), the most-friendly within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • To ensure the development and enhancement of public infrastructure, public assets and other facilities in the State through Public Private Partnerships.

  • The Bureau as an agency of the State Government, facilitates and coordinates all investment promotion and warehousing activities.
  • Initiate, propose and develop policies and strategies which shall enhance the investment climate of the state with the view to making her the most investment-friendly state in Nigeria.
  • Coordinate policies and programmes of the state with respect to the adoption of Public Private Partnership for the provision and development of Public infrastructure or Public assets in the state.
  • Identify and synergize the activities of relevant MDAs of Oyo State Government under a fast-track One Stop shop template for all the agencies involved to work in tandem.
  • Evolve and consummate a fast track working template with strategic agencies of the Federal Government under the one stop shop mechanism.
  • Warehouse and effectively monitor the State Government’s Investment Portfolio.
  • Prepare and develop on behalf of the state, a strategic master-plan for Public Private Partnership.

The Bureau’s Administrative structure is headed by the Executive Secretary appointed by the Governor, who has a relevant cognate experience. The Executive Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Agency as the Accounting Officer.

The Agency is made up of five (5) operational directorates each headed by a Director. The Directorates are:

  1. Directorate of Public Private Partnership
  2. Directorate of Investment Promotion
  3. Directorate of Strategy and Policy Coordination
  4. Directorate of Administration and Supplies
  5. Directorate of Finance and Accounts.
  • Facilitation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Oyo State Government and the Organized Private Section to resolve all contentious issues in their relationships and foster mutual understanding and cooperation for government programmes and activities in the state.
  • Establishment of Oyo State Industrial Park:  Oyo State Industrial Park project was conceived to evolve a structured one stop shop approach to industrial land allocation and documentation through a purpose built state owned Industrial Park. Certificate of Occupancy vesting the entire 1096 hectares of land earmarked for the project in the SPV already issued and perfected and dedicated account to be managed by the Office of the Accountant General opened. Topography Survey; site clearing; enumeration of crops and houses; setting out; site layout are on-going while the unveiling of the project with the commemorative distribution of allocation letters to the first set of applicants held on Friday, May 26th, 2017 as part of the 6th year anniversary celebration of this administration.
  • Establishment of Oluyole Free Trade Zone: The Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) has given approval in principle for expansion from initial 1,337 hectares to 4,340 hectares for the project while development of 1,000 hectares for zone 1 under Joint Venture partnership with China Polaris Consortium has commenced and an Oyo State Government’s wholly owned Holding Company (SPV) incorporated.
  • Restructuring of Moribund / Ailing State Owned Investment Assets: The purpose is to re-engineer all State owned moribund investment assets towards enhanced returns. Executive Council memo to evolve a policy framework was sponsored by Bureau of Investment Promotion and Public Private Partnerships.  List of moribund companies compiled, interested investors identified for many of the assets, companies and an ExcecutivesCommittee is presently working on the project.
  • Nigeria Investment Certification Programmes for States (NICPS): NICPS is to enhance the status of Oyo State as investment destination and there is an on-going collaboration with Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, DAWN Commission, DFID (GEMS 3) to get Oyo State certified as an investment destination.
  • Inland Dry Port: The project is to create inland logistic centre for ease of import and export in the South West Zone and Oyo State is partnering with APM Terminals. Location identified, 3-D drawing ready and process of finalizing shareholders agreement at an advance stage.
  • Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Schemes: The essence of the project is to ease access of MSMEs to affordable finance. Two Schemes (OYSG-BOI N1 Billion MSME Development Scheme and OYSG – CBN N2 Billion MSME Development Scheme are in place.
  • Further Re-Development of Agodi Gardens: The intention is to develop Agodi Parks and Gardens into a world class tourist centre. Draft joint venture agreement and SPV’s incorporation certificate about to be finalized while financial closure envisaged before end of June, 2017.
  • Development of Agbowo Shopping Complex: The project is to re-model the complex to modern shopping mall. 50 years lease agreement consummated between the State Government and Agbowo Infrastructure Development Company Limited, Investors moves to site and series of structural assessments tests going on.
  • Central Abattoir Project: Inter-Ministerial Committee has concluded interface and negotiation with C & E Limited (Ahmak Group). His Excellency’s approval awaited for way forward.
  • Comprehensive auditing and reconciliation of records pertaining to the State Government’s involvements in the respective companies with the various Registrars and Central Security Clearing System (CSCS).
  • Generation of credible database on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Oyo State.
  • Establishment of Policy documents and guidelines for critical sectors i.e PPP policy presently in print, Investment Policy in Oyo State (review and update of initial draft, SMEs development policy) a derivative of the on-going collaborative approach at generating a database for MSMEs in the State.
1 Mrs.Tolu Sadipe  08028335404 Special Adviser (Projects/BIP)
2 Mr Yinka Fatoki 08021180877 Executive (BIP/PPP)
2 Miss Moremi Obadara 09054655278 Special Assistant (BIP/PPP)
  • Oyo State Industrial Park
  • Oluyole Free Trade Zone
  • Restructuring of moribound/ailing State owned investment assets
  • Inland Dry Port
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME) Development Schemes
  • Re-development of Agbowo Shopping Complex
  • Re-development of Agodi Gardens Phase II
  • Central Abattoir Project
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture; (Cassava Processing, Poultry, Fruit juice processing, Forestry etc)
  • Solid mineral development
  • Tourism
  • Alternative Power Technology Production (Solar Energy)
  • Electrification using existing dams
  • Waste to wealth
  • Fan Milk Plc.
  • Nigeria Breweries
  • Procter and Gamble
  • British American Tobacco
  • Nigerian Bottling Company
  • Seven-Up Bottling Company
  • Oriental Foods Industry
  • Skretting Nigeria Ltd


No. Date of Certificate Project Name Project Contractor Procuring MDA
1 20/7/2017 Procurement of stationery items A. Bola Ojo (Nig) Bureau of investment promotion and Public private partnership


No. Date of Certificate Project Name Project Contractor Procuring MDA
1 3/7/2017 printing of customized office materials New Way Nig. Ltd. Bureau of Physical Planning and Development Control

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As part of the efforts to rapidly industrialize Oyo State, a modern and purpose built Industrial Park was established by the State Government to evolve a structured one stop shop approach to industrial land allocation and documentation.

Oyo State Industrial Park covering 1096 hectares of land along the Ibadan-Lagos Express Road was created for interested investors and individuals for long lease under the auspices of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) known as Oyo State Industrial Park Limited, wholly owned by Oyo State Government.

The Certificate of Occupancy vesting the entire 1096 hectares of land in the SPV has been already issued and perfected to enable allotees of land at the Industrial Park be issued deed of sub-lease.

Oyo State Industrial Park was designed to be equipped with basic infrastructure such as Perimeter fence; access roads to the park; motorable roads within the park; drainage channels (including culverts); walkways; Waste disposal channels (Solid and Liquid); power and lighting, water treatment facility; security gate house; fire station, police station, canteen, conference centres amongst others.


  • Payment of application fee of ₦100,000 using the details below:
    • Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Plc.
    • Account Name: Oyo State Government.
    • Account Number: 2031953933.
    • At the Bureau of Investment Promotion and Public Private Partnership, Room 80, Minstry of Trade Building, Oyo State Secretariat , Agodi Ibadan.
  • Presentation of Payment evidence and Issuance of application form with checklist for completion of form.
  • Submission of completed application form.
  • Verification of documents submitted.
  • Allocation of land.
  • Inspection of land allocated.
  • Payment for land allocated at ₦5,000 per square metre (subject to generous discount)
  • Issuance and perfectionof title document within seven (7) working days under the one stop shop template.


  • Name: Mrs. Tolu Sadipe
    • Position: Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Oyo State on Investment Promotion and Public Private Partnership.
    • Phone No:08028335404
    • E-mail:
  • Name: Mr. Yinka Fatoki
    • Position: Executive Secretary,
    • Bureau of Investment Promotion and Public Private Partnership.
    • Phone No: 08021180877
    • E-mail:

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