The political structure of Ibadan East Local Council Development Area is headed by the Caretaker Chairman under the chairmanship of Prince Gbade Lana who is the pioneer chairman of Ibadan East LCDA.

Our Vision

To operate an open door policy which will enable the LCDA to listen to need and yearning of the people at the grassroot.

Our Mission

To deliver the dividends of democracy by providing social amenities to the nooks and cranny of the LCDA

Our Objectives

To harness human and material resources available for the betterment of all and sundry

The Staff Structure

Administratively, the LCDA like any other Local Government in the state is divided into two categories namely:

  • Political functionaries
  • Civil servants.

Political Functionaries

Presently, the political structure of Ibadan East Local Council Development Area is headed by the Caretaker Chairman under the chairmanship of Prince Gbade Lana who is the pioneer chairman of Ibadan East LCDA.

Other political office holders will be considered after the election into the Local Government and other LCDAs in the state by the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC).

The Executive Council

After the election might have been conducted, the winning party will produce the chairman, vice chairman while secretary to the Local government and supervisor will be appointed by the party that wins the election.

The above will form members of the executive council.

 The Legislative Council

The same election that produces the chairman will also produce councilors representing each and every wards of the LCDA. The elected councilors after the election within themselves elected key office holders in the legislative house this include

  • Leader
  • Deputy Leader
  • Majority Leader
  • Chief Whip
  • Minority Leader
  • While other elected councilors will form floor members of the legislative house
  1. The Career Officers – These are civil servants who are in the administrative and professional cadres employed by the Local Government Service Commission, likewise those lower cadre that formed the junior cadres employed directly by the local government, majorly, they are those in grade level 6 downward.

Organizational Structure

Ibadan East LCDA administratively is headed by Council Manager while the entire local government is divided into eight (8) departments namely:

  • Administration & General Services Department
  • Finance and supply departments
  • Works Department
  • Education & Social Service Department
  • Primary Health Care Department
  • Environmental Health Services Department
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
  • Budget, Planning, Research & Statistics Department

A director heads each of the departments while units under department are accountable to the director.

The council manager is the overall head of the management, other directors are accountable to the council manager.

  • Works & Housing
  • Education & Social Services
  • Administration & General Services
  • Budget, Planning, Research & Statistics
  • Environmental Health Services
  • Finance & Supplies
  • Primary Health Care

Agriculture & Natural

Presently, the only political appointee in Ibadan East Local Council Development Areas is Prince Gbade Lana

Mobile Contact 08023369645.

  • In his bid to compliment the effort of the Oyo State Government keep our environment clean, Prince Gbade Lana has embarked on inspection of weekly environmental sanitation with a view to ensure compliance in all markets within the LCDA.
  • Because of his security consciousness Prince Gbade Lana has equally attended Agugu Police Divisional Headquarters PCRC to ensure necessary support is given so as to curb the menace of insecurity within the division of Ibadan East and its suburb.

Following the official announcement of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi publicly pronounced the creation of LCDAs in addition to the existing local government around December 20I6. Ibadan East LCDA official took off having released the posting instruction drawing out council manager and other officials to run the administration of Ibadan East LCDA from the existing Ibadan North East Local Government. Ibadan East LCDA has its administrative headquarters officially at Agugu, but pending the construction of the befitting administrative office, the LCDA is making use of a rented storey building at Koloko for its day-to-day administrative running of the LCDA.

The indigenes of Ibadan East LCDA are predominantly Yorubas of Ibadan ethnic origin but punctuated by other habitants which cut across racial, religious and ethnic background. All major ethnic groups in Nigeria are found in the LCDA, while some consist of civil servants, it however harbour large number of artisans noted all the prominent areas.

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