Ibarapa North West Local Council Development area with its head quarter at Igangan was created by Governor Abiola Ajimobi led administration in Oyo state on August 2016 from Ibarapa North Local Government. The council shares boundaries with Ibarapa North in the East, Iwajowa/Igana Local Government in the North, Benin Republic in the west and Egbado south Local Government in the south

Our Vision

Bringing government closer to the people at the grass root level and bring succor to the sufferings of rural dwellers.

Our Mission

Improvement in the wellbeing of indigenes of this Local Council Development Area is the ultimate objectives of the present administration whose socio economic policy thrust to make accessible to every citizens of the area the basic needs of life, significant reduction of poverty by at least 50% of the current level must be achieved by the policy and this poverty reduction shall be true indicator for measuring well being

Our Objectives

  • Food for every table.
  • Unemployment reduction
  • Provision of rural infrastructural including :
  • Potable water
  • Electricity
  • Sound and efficient health care delivery
  • Quantitative and efficient education.
  • Good road network
  • Youth employment

The council shall touch virtually every aspect of life of the citizenry leaving behind legacies that will remain indelible in the minds of all and sundry for quite a long time to come.

For the achievement of the set goal, and objectives all sectors must be repositioned to be able to play expected roles. The specific directions for the achievement of goals are outlined below.

The local council development area headquarters is Igangan. It is a one town council. The council also has several villages and hamlets located around its nooks and crannies. By political delineation, Ibarapa North west local council development area presently consists of five (5) political wards namely:

Ward 3 – Isale oja, igangan

Ward 4- isale Akao, Igangan

Ward 5 – oke ola, igangan

Ward 6 – Igitele, Igangan

Ward 8 – Ofiki 2, Igangan

The council has a total of 68 polling units.

The resident people of the local council are predominantly Yoruba speaking people and of Oyo origin.

The major occupation of the people of the council area are farming, trading, artisan. While majority of the populace are farmers, they cultivate both food and cash crops. However, less than 6% are public and civil servants. Therefore, prospective industrialists wishing to go into food processing could find immense opportunity in the council area.

The LCDA’s basic objectives for Agriculture sector is to achieve a substantial turnaround of the sector to adequately play its pivoted roles in:

  • Food supply
  • Unemployment reduction
  • poverty reduction
  • Supply of raw material to industry

The council aims at better health care for all indigence’s of the area. The specific elements of the overall goals include:

  • Increase in the life expectancy of the inhabitants of the area.
  • Achieve high and substantial level in immunization against all vaccines preventable diseases.
  • Ensure universal access to primary health care control
  • Eradicate, control and prevent epidemic disease
  • Achieve adequate supply of essential drugs to all health establishment in the area.

The government aims at using education as an instruction of change and means for acceleration development, towards this end, the council aims at:

  • Making education available, relevant, accessible and affordable to all.
  • Ensuring immediate and long term social and economic returns from education.
  • Producing stalled man power

The local government is determined to establish a network of roads that will make a large part of the area accessible by road.

In particular, the government is determined to maintain and sustain a network of earth road that is motor able throughout the year.

The council is determined to improve rural transportation through the construction of more rural feeder roads and stock routes.

The council has a policy of provision of universal access to safe ordinary water and adequate sanitation.

In this direction, the government aims at creating enabling environment for access to safe water supply and adequate sanitation to all and sundry.

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The LCDA is being headed by the Caretaker Chairman appointed by the executive Governor of the state.

Under the Caretaker Chairman is the Council Manager who heads the administration of the council and other eight heads of department and their deputies.

Principally, there are eight departments in the council and the department are stated as follow; Administration, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Education and Social Services, Finance and Supplies, Environmental Health Services, Primary Health Care Services, Works and Transport and Budget, Planning, Research and statistics department.

All Local Government goals and objective are being translated into action and implemented through the various departments while the Council  Manager over sees the activities and operation of the departments for the realization of the set goals.

There is absolutely division of labour in the system while the internal control mechanism is being provided by the Internal Audit Unit of the Council.

  • Asphaltic tarring of Asigangan – Ansar-deen road Iganga
  • Construction of modern public toilet of six compartments at the following locations
    • Oke – Ola Market, Igangan
    • Saabo Oja Oba, Igangan
    • Drilling of motorized Borehole with 5,000 litres of water tank at Saabo Oja Ogun market, Igangan
    • Asphaltic patching and Construction of rubble stone line drainages at strategic places in Igangan.
  • Construction of a block of 3 classrooms with office, store and toilet at Normadic primary School, Ojumu, Igangan
  • Construction of a block of 3 classrooms with office, store and toilet, MDG’S executed project at Adegun Asake Junior High School, Igangan.
  • Distribution of exercise and textbooks to both public and private primary and Secondary school up to JSS 3
  • Disbursement of year 2011. 2012 and 2013 bursary award to indigenous students studying at various institutions of higher learning.
  • Distribution of 2nd phase of free exercise and note books to both public and private primary & secondary schools.


  • Monthly stocking of Local Government Maternity Centres with drugs.
  • Participation in Roll Back Malaria with purchase and distribution of mosquito nets to nursery mothers
  • Funding and participation in all immunization programmes
  • Funding and participation in Governor Ajimobi Free Health Mission.


  • Chloronization of deep wells in council area.
  • Organizing community mobilization and sensitization on control of communicable disease.
  • Evacuation of refuse and clearing of drainages
  • Funding of weekly and monthly environmental sanitation
  • Construction of a bridge at Oke – Atapo, Igangan
  • Construction of a block of three classroom with office and store at community primary school, Bogunbe, Igangan.

Though Ibarapa North West Local Council Development Area is one of the newly created Councils in Oyo State, it has been able to record the following landmark achievements.


  • Grading of the following rural and township roads.
    • Gaa Soliu road Igangan
    • Kara to Ojumu road. Igangan
    • Asoore Church to Ojumu road, Igangan
    • Adelak Filling Station to Ojumu, Igangan
    • Ominigbo Garage to Akintola hospital, Igaangan


  • Provision of free medical services at our health centres
  • Participation in the state and National Immunization programmes
  • Provision of technical and manpower support to the State Action against HIV/AIDS.


  • Clearing of drainages
  • Participation in the weekly and monthly environmental sanitation


  • Sensitization and Mobilization of 200young farmers on the federal Government FADAMA Programme.


  • Monitoring of primary schools in the LCDA
  • Provides technical and manpower support to the Federal Government conditional cash transfer programme.
  • Provides Technical and Manpower Support to the state/federal CSDP programme in the LCDA.
  • Repair of 25 existing boreholes
  • Provision of free medical eye treatment for 100 beneficiaries and free general treatment for 100 beneficiaries.
  • Establishment of LCDA farm


  • Towobowo Market – 5 days interval
  • Oke Ola Market – 5 days interval
  • Baale Market – 5 days interval
  • Sango Market – 5 days interval
  • Bogunbe Market – 5 days interval
  • Asimi Market – 5 days interval
  • Ominigbo Market – 5 days interval




  • Egungun – Festival
  • Oro – Festival
  • Sango – Festival
  • Ogun- Festival
  • Obatala & others.

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