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The Law that established the Ministry of Education was enacted on 14th April 1955. In February 2016, the Ministry metamorphosed to Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


Our Vision

To ensure that citizens of the State have a holistic growth through affordable quality education and all round development of sound minds in the fields of technology, sciences commerce and humanities with total cognizance to the values, norms and belief of the entire constituents of the State. It therefore seeks to provide quality education for all Nigerians regardless of gender, ethnicity, social background and geographical location to develop the individual into a sound and effective citizen.

Our Mission

Achieving free, qualitative and economic driven education to address the key challenges in the sector so much that no child is left behind in the acquisition of holistic knowledge.

Our Objectives

  • Advise the Government on development of education, science and technology policies
  • Successfully implement Government policies on education, science and technology
  • Totally eradicate illiteracy from the State through formal and non-formal education
  • Promote and harness science and technology research and their application for socio – economic development, job and wealth creation
  • Ensure sufficient competent professionals in all disciplines to meet the educational needs as required in science and technology
  • Diversify and improve the quality of education, science and technology in line with the provisions of the national policy on education
  • Issue guidelines on higher and special education programmes of the Government in accordance with stated policy objectives
  • Pay particular attention to the development of science, mathematics and technology with a view to accelerating the industrial and technological advancement of the State
  • Liaise with the Federal Ministry of Education and other stakeholders as may be directed concerning education, science and technology
  • Promote the practical application of research results to the development of commercial products
  • Strengthen collaboration of the Ministry with higher institutions in the State on scientific research
  • Scout, harness and nurture potentialities for local conjunction with project analysis and implementation Promote, support and sustain the spread of Information Communication technology (ICT) knowledge and skills throughout the State, particularly among the workforce, youths and schools.