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The State’s Ministry Of Women Affairs Vision statements, Mission statements and Objectives.

Our Vision

The vision of the Ministry of Women Affairs is to provide an enabling environment where the rights to survival, protection and development of the people, most especially the most vulnerable groups, as well as their empowerment to participate in the benefits from the socio-economic, development processes are enhanced.

Our Mission

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders towards ensuring gender mainstreaming in policy formation, planning and budgeting process to achieve the rights of survival, protection, development and participation of the vulnerable groups i.e. women, children, aged people, people with disabilities and less privileged to achieve the millennium development goals.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and improve on the rights and wellbeing of women, children, the aged people with disabilities, destitute and the less privileged.
  • Capacity building and empowerment of women.
  • Enhance socio-economic growth and reduction of poverty through community development initiatives, improved social welfare activities and job creation.
  • Work force development and improved Administrative processes i.e child adoption, adjudication of cases involving children, Repatriation and reintegration services.

Presently, the Ministry operates through eight (8) departments, so as to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out her mandate. These include:

  • Women Programme Department
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Child Welfare Department
  • Community Development Department
  • Poverty Alleviation Department
  • Finance and Accounts Department
  • Administration and Supply Department
  • Planning Research and Statistics.

And there are Zonal Offices and Women training centre in Ibadan, Oyo, Ogbomoso and Saki.

  • A total number of 2,500 Grass root Women from 33 Local Government Areas in the State were empowered with a deep freezer, generator and a sum of twenty thousand naira each to start small scale business.
  • 200 widows drawn from 33 Local Government areas were each empowered with one Cassava Grinding Machine, one pepper Grinding Machine and a take of grant of twenty thousand naira to establish small scale business.
  • The state Government donates Six Toyota Hiace Buses to the Six market groups in the states.
  • 99 Women were trained in fish farming and packaging.
  • Upward review of feeding allowance to state home shy 100% to improve both nutritional and general well-being of the less privileged.
  • Financial Assistance granted to 1000 less privileged people in the state.
  • 400 persons with disabilities were trained and graduated at Rehabilitation Centre for disabled, moniya and resettled with equipment.
  • 249 children were rescued from traffickers, illegal and inhuman custody and re-integrated with their families.
  • Educational support inform of school bags, uniforms, scandals and writing materials were providing for (1125) one thousand one hundred and twenty five orphans and vulnerable children/children infected and effected with HIV/AIDS.
  • (330) three hundred and thirty children in the state were given educational health and nutritional support.
  • 19 Nineteen Rural Communities in the 3 Senatorial Districts of the state were provided with Agro- Allied equipment by the State Government.
  • Seventy two episodes of Radio /TV Recording of self-help projects were successfully executed and transmitted on BCOS channels.
  • 1200 One thousand two hundred tricycles were procured and distributed to unemployed people in the state to alleviate poverty.
  • At the State Community Skill Acquisition Centre unemployed youths, artisans and women

The State Nation cash transfer project; The State National cash transfer project is a federal Government effort to reduce increasing rate of poverty in spite of huge resources invested in anti-poverty programs, developed a social reform agenda to promote, social protection under the social reforms in predicated on cash transfer to the poor and vulnerable group in the state, the main motive of the state National cash transfer project under the Ministry of Women Affairs, Department of poverty alleviation is to give Five thousand Naira Monthly to the identified poorest households, to enhance their consumption level, while it also involve five man facilitators committee from the 12 Local Government that are participating in the first phase of the project.