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The Office comprises of 4 Operational Departments which are:

  • The General Administration Department
  • The Cabinet & Special Services Department
  • The Project Monitoring Department
  • The Project Coordination Department

This department consists of the underlisted Directorate/Units.

  • Management Information Centre:
    It coordinates all the ICT activities of the State. It is headed by a Director.
  • Administration and Supplies:
    It deals with the administrative work and supplies in the entire Governor’s Office.
  • Finance and Accounts:
    It deals with the Governor’s Office Finance and Accounts.
  • Maintenance Service:
    It deals with the maintenance of offices, equipment and vehicles in the Governor’s Office.
  • Protocol:
    It sees to day to day running of Government activities and organize the Governor’s Itiner  y.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):
    It liases between the State and UNDP Abuja to coordinate all UNDP assisted projects.
  • Oyo State Liason Office (Abuja, Lagos)
  • Pilgrims Welfare Board (Christians, Muslims)
  • State Emergency Management Agency:
    It deals with emergency planning and response.

This department is divided into 2 directorates namely:

  • Cabinet:
    This directorate handles the coverage of Executive Council meetings.
  • Special Services:
    It serves as Secretariat for the State Security Council meeting and other Special Services such as boundary matters.

The Project Monitoring Department was established in 1986 to ensure that Government realizes Value for Public Funds expended on Projects. The Department therefore monitors the execution of Government Projects to ascertain that payments to contractors are matched by commensurate quantity and quality of work.

Consequently, the Department serves as Internal Project-tracking mechanism of Oyo State Government.


The department evolves, coordinates and sustains projects relevant to Oyo State for replication.

The department has 2 directorates namely:

  • Parastatals and;
  • Project Coordination.