The history of Ona–Ara Local Government could be traced to the agitation by its founding fathers after the creation of Oluyole Local Government considered to be extremely large for efficient and effective administration. The argument of these founding fathers was premised on the fact that too much emphasis was placed on urban areas to the detriment of the predominately agrarian rural areas.

Our Vision

“Infrastructural development of Local Government Area,”

“In order to make like more meaningful to grass root people”

Our Mission

To improve the living standard of the people at the grassroot level.

Our Objectives

  • Rehabilitation and construction of good roads
  • Provision of portable water
  • Qualitative Education
  • Renovation of Primary Schools
  • Procurement of drugs and other health facilities to all health centers
  • Enhance the quality of the residence
  • Provision of basic amenities.

The history of Ona–Ara Local Government could be traced to the agitation by its founding fathers after the creation of Oluyole Local Government considered to be extremely large for efficient and effective administration. The argument of these founding fathers was premised on the fact that too much emphasis was placed on urban areas to the detriment of the predominately agrarian rural areas.

As a matter of fact, the founding fathers were of the ascertain that the rural areas were completely cut off from contributing to the system of governance, with bad roads, no potable water, the people were in darkness with occasional outbreaks of epidemics.

In other words, their lives were not touched positively by the government at the headquarter i.e. Idi–Ayunre. The tide however turned in 1989 when the then Military Administration of President Ibrahim Babangida created Ona–Ara Local Government out of the Old Oluyole Local Government with the headquarters at Akanran. Akanran was strategically chosen as the headquarters due to its central location with road networks linking other communities in the eleven wards of the Local Government before the creation of Local Council Development Areas {LCDA} by His Excellency Senator {Dr.} Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi.

According to 2006 population census, Ona–Ara Local Government has a  total population of 265,059 made up of male population is 131,471 while that of female is 131,588, with the land mass of about 3570km. Ona–Ara Local Government is bounded in the northern partly by Egbede Local Government, in the southern part by Oluyole Local Government, in the eastern part by Ogun/Osun State and in the western part by  Lagos/Ibadan express way with Ibadan South East Local Government area on the other  side of the express way. Ona–Ara Local Government comprises of eleven wards.

The people of Ona–Ara Local Government are predominantly farmers with fertile land for each crop like cocoa, kola cashews and citrus like orange, mango e.t.c. The farming population is scattered all over the various communities in the Local Government which include Foworogun, Idi–Ogun, Elese–Erin, Olosunde, Ojebode, Akanran and Gbada–Efon to mention just a few.

The Local Government council has a Traditional Council made up of the 13 recognised Baales whose chairmanship is on rotational basis. The traditional among the Olubadan – in Council and other Senior Chiefs. The incumbent now is High Chief {Dr.} O.O Olaifa the Osi Balogun of Ibadanland.

Besides, the Ona-Ara Traditional Council members are the 32 part II Baales and numerous other chiefs who assists in maintain cohesion and peaceful living of the citizen of various communities.

  • Land Area: 3570 square kilometer
  • Total Population: 265,059 in accordance with 2006 National Population Censes.
  • Local Government Headquarter: Akanran
  • Major towns and communities: Akanran, Gbedun, Olorunsogo, Olunloyo, Amuloko, Araromi,
  • The Local Government now consists of 6 wards made up of:

(1.)    Akanran ward 1            (2)     Araro ward 2

(3)     Olunloyo ward 7           (4)     Amuloko 5

(5)     Olorunsogo ward 9       (6)     Gbedun ward 10

The Local Government is headed by the Caretaker Chairman Hon. Biliaminu Aderemi Ogundele while the other member is yet to be named. Beside the political appointees, the Chairman is assisted by management staff headed by the Head of Local Government Administration, Elder Osunbunmi Ebenezer O. Eight heads of departments namely:

  • Director of Environment: Joke John
  • Director of Education and Social Services: Alhaji R.A. Aderinto
  • Primary Health Care Coordinator and Medical Officer of Health {MOH} Mrs. Odugbemi R.S.
  • Director of Administration and General Services: Akin C. Fasola
  • Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Pastor Samuel Adepoju
  • Director of Finance: Mrs. Taiwo Babarimisa
  • Director of Works: Alhaja {Engr.} Adebayo T.
  • Director of Budget, Planning Research and Statistics: Mrs. Olutade Alo;
  • Local Government Internal Auditor: Alhaja Yekeni Toyin ablly assisted by various deputies and sectional heads namely:
    • B.S. Olugbiyiro DDAGs
    • T.O. Ojo D/DESS
    • Olowo F. Doyin D.T
    • Kumbi D/D Agric
    • A.H. Ibrahim Estate & Valuation Officer
    • Bolomope Musa      Rate Officer
    • Mary Elebute Establishment Officer
    • Kafayat Olagunju Information Officer

The Local Government is populated mainly by the natives who are predominantly Yorubas, the non – natives who are mainly Hausas, Fulanis; Togoleses e.t.c.

PEOPLE & DIALECTS: Majority Yoruba Speaking People with minority non–motive.

The main occupation of the people is farming and trading. The Local Government is endowed with arable land and they farm majorly on Maize, Cassava, Palm Trees, Cocoa and Kolanut as well as Poultry farming. While the trading activity is majorly on Palm Oil, Fish, Agricultural Products and Provisions.

  • Palm Oil, Cocoa and Kolanut Product, they were at
    • Kajola
    • Akanran
    • Gbedun
    • Aba Eku
  • Poultry, Fishery & Piggery at:-
  • Amuloko
  • Akanran
  • Olorunda
  • Omi
  • Pepper and Tomato Production at:-
  • Alagbaa
  • Olorunda
  • Cassava Production at:-
  • Akanran Village
  • Alagbaa Village
  • Gbedun Village
  • Kajola Village

The Local Government is endowed with several square kilometer of arable land for farming and establishment of industries.


  • Kajola 5 days
  • Akanran 5 days
  • Olorunda 5 days
  • Araromi 5 days
  • Gbedun everyday
  • Sawia everyday
  • Amuloko everyday
  • Olunloyo everyday
  • Nepa Olorunsogo everyday

THE MAIN SOURCE OF FINANCE AREFederal Revenue Allocation

  • Value Added Tax {VAT} Revenue Allocation
  • Share of State Internally Generated Revenue
  • Grants
  • Local Internal Revenue


  • Agbekoya War Camp at Tafa Adeoye Village
  • Osun Eleja River: It’s a big river that has carnivorus Fishes in it
  • An old church at Akinkemi built only for men for prayer


Number of Primary Schools              109

Number of Secondary Schools          27

Health & Maternity Centers:             23


  • Aboke Festival
  • Egungun Festival
  • Osun Fawande River Festival
  • Ona–Ara day
  • Osun Eleja river festival


  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Ayo Olopon
  • Athletics.

The Local Government can boast of high profile men Ibadanland, among who are {1} Chief Bode Amoo {2} Chief Mufutau Bayo Oyero {3} Chief Diti Ladapo, just to mention a few.

The first cooperative society in Nigeria was established in the present Gbedun very close to Akanran the Local Government Headquarter. Gbedun has equally of recent been blessed with a deposit of gold and other minerals resources which in future would bring the Local Government into lime light

However, the major weakness of the Local Government is lack for infrastructures in the area of road, electricity and pipe borne water. The main road leading to the headquarter Akanran is in a deplorable condition, it is of interest to note that this road leads to Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State. Sadly enough, there is no good state road in the Local Government areas. Likewise, is the issue of electricity which is lacking and has grossly reduced at increasing rate both social and economic development of the people in the area. Ditto is lack of any governmental institutions whether state or federally owned.

S/N LGA Community Type of project Location
1. Ona-Ara Adewumi Block of classroom St. Luke’s Pry. Sch.
2. Ona-Ara Olubode village area V.I.P Toilet Olubode village
3. Ona-Ara Paara/Ifewumi road Asphaltic tarring of 1.76Km road Paara/ifewumi road
4. Ona-Ara Gangansi/Kehinsi road Reconstruction of  repair culvert & asphaltic overlay of Ogbere Gangansi road Ogbere Gangansi Kehinsi road
5. Ona-Ara Abonde village Construction of twin-box culvert Abonde
6. Ona-Ara Olorunsogo Ibadan Construction of hydraulic structure of Nepa Olorunsogo Express
7. Ona-Ara Olorunsogo Sawia, Nepa Express Nepa, Idi-Osan Market, Kajola Market Construction of {4}V.I.P toilet in the majour market in Ona-Ara L. Govt. Area At market of each community
8. Ona-Ara Ogbere Paara Inu Iwe Channelization of road & dredging of Ogbere Paara Paara Inu Iwe
9. Ona-Ara Babanla Area Construction of pedestrian bridge Babanla Ogbere River
10. Ona-Ara Oke-Elesin Housing Estate, Sawia, Oke-Odo Abonde Connection of 5-unit transformer At each community each
11. Ona-Ara Ogidi-Egan Construction of A BLK of classroom Ogidi-Egan
12. Ona-Ara Badeku Purchasing and installation of 500KVA transformer
13. Ona-Ara Olorunsogo/Express Rehabilitation of XTIAN church/Kolorunsogo road Olorunsogo express service road
14. Ona-Ara Igem Area Construction of 3BLK of classroom Community Pry. Sch. Igem/Airport area
15. Ona-Ara Aroye/Alabata Area Construction of twin-cell box culvert Aroye/Alabata Stream
16. Ona-Ara Idi-Obi Construction of two cell box culvert Adex stream Bola Aare area
17. Ona-Ara Gbaremu/Paara Dredging of Ogbere stream From Gbaremu to Paara
18. Ona-Ara Oritamerin Rehabilitation and beautification of Oritamerin  round about Oritamerin round about
19. Ona-Ara Paara Redging of borehole Paara
20. Ona-Ara Amuloko Amuloko
21. Ona-Ara Mokore Mokore
22. Ona-Ara Babanla Babanla
23. Ona-Ara Abonde Repair/construction of drains, culverts and asphaltic patching Abonde road
24. Ona-Ara Foworogun/Oritamerin Construction of 510m rubble stone line drain, culvert relocation of poles demolition of imarthuid building Foworogun/Oritamerin road
25. Ona-Ara Dalemo Construction of rubble stone line drain Dalemo road
26. Ona-Ara Egbeda SDP Rehabilitation of mobile court office Egbeda SDP secretariat
27. Ona-Ara Primary Health Centre Fawole Solar powered borehole Fawole
28. Ona-Ara Araromi Street, Dalemo Ayekale Solar powered borehole Ayekale
29. Ona-Ara Gbedeogun Solar powered borehole Gbedeogun
30. Ona-Ara Christ Ang. Sec. Sch. Solar powered borehole Amuloko
31. Ona-Ara Ayetola village VIA Badeku Solar powered borehole Badeku
32. Ona-Ara Elese Erin Solar powered borehole Elese Erin
33. Ona-Ara Aba- Emu Solar powered borehole Aba-Emu
34. Ona-Ara Akanran Solar powered borehole Akanran
35. Ona-Ara Araromi Aperin Solar powered borehole Araromi Aperin

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