Oyo State Infrastructure Management and Control Agency

Oyo State Community and Social Development Agency Mission, Vision and Objectives

The Oyo State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (OYSIMCA) is a one – stop shop for the regulation of Utility Infrastructure, control and regulation of erection of masts, towers and cables within the geographical boundaries of Oyo State.

  • Establish standards and procedures for constructing lines and laying of cables across public lands and property.
  • Construct and coordinate schedules among utility service providers in Oyo state.
  • Supervise the use, repair, resurfacing and construction of damaged roads in Oyo state.
  • Ensure Public safety in the use of public rights of way by Water, Gas, Communications and Electrical Companies in Oyo state.
  • Keep tracks of the various systems using the public rights of way to prevent interference among facilities.
  • Monitor the erection of towers, masts or laying of cables within the state in the interest of public health and safety.
  • Prevent the breaking of roads without a permit.
  • Reduce damage to Public utilities.
  • Establish harmonized routes for laying of cables.
  • Coordinate and harmonize the routes used by private telecommunication operators.
  • Perform such other functions as may be specified by any Law or Enactment.
  • Undertake such other activities as are necessarily expedient for giving full effect to the provision of the Oyo State Infrastructure Maintenance and Control of Infrastructure Agency Law, 2016.

                                                                              OUR MANDATE

  • Issue permits to all proprietors and operators of telecommunication masts, towers, parabolic and other types of antenna and similar structures within the State.
  • Disconnect and dismantle cables and other infrastructure erected or laid without obtaining the necessary permit from the Agency.
  • Authorize any officer of the Agency to inspect any 
infrastructure for the purpose of determining whether it complies with the provisions of this Law and the regulations made here under and such inspection shall be between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
  • Engage consultants to carry out the assessment, collection, remittance and monitoring of levies and charges imposed on utility companies, radio and television stations, telecommunication operators, satellite television providers, satellite service providers, original equipment manufacturers, cell site builders and infrastructure developers.
  • Determine rates at which ducts and sub-ducts are shared.
  • Determine rates at which the State shall lease spare ducts for the installation of fibre optic cables and infrastructure.
  • Determine rates for right
of way, building approval levies on communication sites and any infrastructure including building or planning permit fee, ratification fee and annual administration fee.
  • Stipulate the period for the ratification of existing infrastructure prior to decommissioning.
  • Delegate the issuance of decommissioning notice. Prepare notice to the people of the State informing them of the discontinuation of a highway road, pipeline or cables.

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The Oyo State Infrastructure Maintenance and Control Agency Law, 2016, set up OYSIMCA.The Agency has its Head Office at Management Information centre Governor’s Office secretariat Ibadan, Oyo State.

The Agency is the sole organ of the Oyo State Government mandated to regulate all types of Utility Infrastructure namely Communications. Electrical, Gas and Water (over and under the ground) in the following manner:

  • Registration of all proprietors and operators of telecommunication masts, towers, parabolic and other types of antenna and similar structures for the purposes of sanitizing the environment which has been clustered by all sorts of substandard constructions thereby endangering the lives and properties of citizens.
  • Acquire a Database data of all existing telecommunications and similar infrastructure erected within the geographical boundaries of the State and maintaining and updating the Database to include future developments.
  • Regularization of existing as well as future infrastructure structures at universal acceptable standards.
  • Supervising consciously the length and breadth of the State to ensure that infrastructure constructed are of high quality materials of universal acceptable standards and regularly maintained to remain in fit and proper state.
  • Enforcing the Law and its connected regulations to guarantee proper adherence to the Law and Regulations issued by the Agency from time to time.



Step 1

  • The person/organization shall formally apply to the Agency for permit to lay cables/ pipes. Give details of the intended length, width and depth of ducting/trenching.

Step 2

Joint inspection by OYSIMCA and the applicant to confirm the validity of the proposed excavation works

Step 3

  • Rates are to be calculated by OYSIMCA and forwarded to the applicant. The rates are as follows:
  • Tar cut
  • Earth cut
  • Cost of reinstatement/repairs.

Step 4

  • Applicant must make payment.

Step 5

  • OYSIMCA issues letter of permit.

Step 6

  • The Agency field officers will continue to monitor applicant’s field activities.

Step 7

  • Repair of dug roads by OYSIMCA upon completion of project.

Step 8

  • Issuance of clearance letter to the contractor after satisfactory completion of road repairs.

Step 1

The person/organization shall formally apply to the Agency for construction permit.

Step 2

Confirmation of Application fees receipt from Applicant.

Step 3 

Submission of the following under listed documents from Applicant

  • Soil Survey Report.
  • Foundation Details.
  • Structural Drawings of Tower/Mast certified by a COREN engineer.
  • Title Document/Proof of Ownership.
  • Consent Letter from Community Association.
  • Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Electronic Copy of Structural Design.

Step 4

Submission of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Clearance.

Step 5

Joint inspection of proposed site by the Agency and Applicant’s representatives.

Step 6

Issuance of construction clearance (to be displayed in a conspicuous place on site) to applicants after all document are checked and verified by the Agency.

Step 7

Payment for construction permit by applicant

Step 8

A schedule visit will by made by the Agency’s field officers from time to time to monitor applicant’s activities on site.

Step 9

Issuance of construction permit.

  • Inspection of all utility infrastructures within the State for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the provisions of the OYSIMCA law (the “Law”).
  • Maintenance of all utility infrastructures in Oyo State
  • Monitoring of the erection and installation of masts, towers, parabolic antenna (V-sat Dish), monopoles and laying of fibre optic cables in Oyo state (the “State”) in the interest of public health and safety.
  • Defining specifications in the construction and erection of infrastructure in the state.
  • Verifying the validity of all existing towers, mast, cables and other utility infrastructure are certifying same as structurally sound and in conformity with extant laws.
  • Enumeration of all Utility Infrastructure facilities within Oyo State
  • Distribution of Demand Notices to various companies having Communication Infrastructure within their organizations
  • Right Of Way (ROW) verification on Ducts for all TelCos operating within the State.
  • Implementation of the Dig Once Policy
  • Public and Corporate Sensitization about the activities of OYSIMCA

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  • Currently conducting a field verification of actual Fibre Route installed per Operator within Ibadan
  • High level findings have shown discrepancies of over 1,000 Km

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