Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA).
To create a safer travel environment with minimum delay for all users of road transport system in Oyo State.
To create and sustain a safe, free flowing and efficient traffic environment in Oyo State by employing contemporary traffic management systems driven by modern technology and highly skilled and motivated personnel amongst others.
The increase volume of vehicle and low level of safety awareness on our roads have necessitated the establishment of the Authority to work intardem with Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and Nigeria Police or independently as the case may be.
The Authority was saddled with the following responsibilities:
Protect and enhance safety of all road users
Ease traffic congestion and reduce delay
Reduce the incidence and severity of road traffic crashes
Enforce the use of bus stops and terminals
To control speed and reckless driving on our roads
Improve access for commerce and industry

To properly and maximally harness the benefits of the Authority, the state has been zoned; Agodi Zone, Sanyo Zone (both in Ibadan) Oyo Zone and Ogbomoso Zone, while each zone has unit to cover the roads. The headquarters of OYRTMA is located at the State Secretariat, Agodi Ibadan, saddled with operational and administrative responsibility for the smooth running of the Authority.

  • The Agency has been able to:
  • Creates a safer travelling environment with minimum delay for all users of road transportation system in the state which is its vision statement, to which it has embarked on;
  • Creation of legal bus stops and garages. In the past intra-state buses and taxis always park indiscriminately on the roads, they tend to create as units illegal bus stops and garages but the Agency has been able to dismantle the illegal bus stops and garages, this giving recognition to the legal one and giving the roads in the state a new face of beauty.
  • Increase in production of goods and services in the state due to reduction in traffic congestion in major roads for quite some time in the past, the workers and general public have been experiencing heavy traffic congestion which may at times always recurrent congestion but recently the Authority has been able to adopt a system called early “early morning operation” to which officers of the Authority are on ground as early as 6.00am to control traffic in some identify roads in the state to which traffic congestion is prominent. This has since been overcome in the state where workers and other people get to their work on time to start their daily works and increased productivities;
  • Spreading of its zonal commands: the agent has spread its zonal command to Oyo and Ogbomoso, to maintain its activities across the state with the view of spreading to Saki, Eruwa, and Iseyin in the near future.
  • Establishment of mobile courts: Just recently the State Government has just established mobile court for the Agency, to try road traffic offenders. The court is established for offenders of road traffic rule to seek redress at the court or pay their fines without resort to court and it has been sitting Tuesdays every week.
  • In year 2009, Oyo State Government considered it imperative to establish Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA) to grapple with menace of traffic accident on the State Roads.
  • The cost of road crashed and its effect on the State political economy required proactive measures that must lead to reduction and total elimination of accident on the state roads.
  • The experiment at inception led the present administration to look inward and revamp OYRTMA, so as to achieve the aim and objectives, pursuant for which as necessitated the re-equipping and recruitment of capable hands, that is expected to reflect the operational realities of the present administration, people of Oyo State and in general, the road users.
  • The Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority 2009 is a law that established the OYRTMA to regulate, control and manages traffic and for other matters connected to traffic management. The law vested in the Authority road traffic administration management and enforcement of discipline on all roads within Oyo State of Nigeria. The increasing volume of vehicles and low level of safety awareness on our roads have necessitated the establishment of the Authority to work closely with Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and Nigeria Police or independently as the case may be.
Name: Colonel Tayo Olumide Ishola (Rtd.) PSC, DSS mni.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,

Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority,


Office: Oyo State Government Printing Press Complex,   Secretariat  Agodi, Ibadan,

Oyo State.            

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