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The Board was created on 27/5/94. And its major function is the management of basic education in the State.

Our Vision

Promotion of uniform, qualitative and functional basic education.

Our Mission

We shall operate as an intervention, coordinating and monitoring of Local Government Universal Basic Education Authorities with a view to improving and providing unfettered access to high quality basic education in Oyo State.

Our Objectives

  • Providing free, Universal Basic Education for every Nigerian Child of School age;
  • Developing in the entire citizenry a strong consciousness for education and a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion;
  • Reducing drastically the incidence of drop-out from the formal school system;
  • Ensuring the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy; communicative and life skills;
  • Preserving and complementing the existing educational structure, bodies and agencies for the purpose of realizing the Board’s mission; and
  • Carrying out the policy guidelines prescribed by Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) and other relevant agencies as approved by the State Government.

Oyo State Primary Education Board (SPEB) was established through Edict No 2 of 1994.

The SPEB later metamorphosed into Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) with the enactment of Universal Basic Education Law which was passed in 2004 at the Federal level and replicated by the State in 2005.

There are seven (7) departments in this establishment namely:

  • Planning Research and Statistics (PR&S)
  • Standard and Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Social Mobilization and Information Communication Technology (SM&ICT)
  • School Services (SS)
  • Finance and Account (F&A)
  • Administration and supply
  • Personnel

PLANNING RESEARCH & STATISTICS DEPARTMENT                                   


  •      Co-ordinating and implementing Action/Rolling plans for all UBEC/SUBEB Intervention projects;
  • Co-ordinating  activities of Consultants for UBEC assisted Teachers Professional Development Training (TPDT);
  •      Generating and managing Basic Education Data/Statistics;
  • Participating in the monitoring of UBEC Intervention in Special Education Projects.



  • Co-ordinating, Providing , Distributing and Monitoring of

Instructional/Recreational Materials to Public Basic


  •  Co-ordinating  Special Needs Education Programmes for the Physically and Mentally Challenged;
  •  Providing  School Library Services;
  • Co-ordinating  JETS, MAN, STAN and other Science/Mathematics

related activities in schools;

  •  Co-ordinating  sporting activities in schools; and
  • C o-ordinating Early Childhood Education Programme



  • Conducting  sensitization activities;
  • Soliciting Community Participation through  School Based Management Committees (SBMC);
  • Conducting  advocacy/training programmes on HIV/AIDS;
  • Facilitating of ICT – aided education delivery and setting up of IT Centres; and
  • Co-ordinating  all UNICEF assisted activities and conduct of annual orientation &   training for school environmental Health Club.



  •      Monitoring and supervising of teaching/learning activities in Schools;
  •      Ensuring effective utilization of instructional materials in schools;
  •     Monitoring the conduct of Internal and External examinations in schools;
  •      Ensuring strict compliance to Government’s directive and policy  statements;

FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT                                             


  •      Payment of teaching & non-teaching staff salaries and allowances;
  •     Preparing  monthly internally generated revenue returns to the office of the Accountant-General;
  •      Preparing yearly Financial Accounts for the External-Auditors; and
  •     Effecting payment to contractors after due approval by the Executive Chairman.



  • Recruitment, Discipline, Promotion , Posting and transfer  of teaching and non-teaching staff;
  •  Co-ordinating  delivery and distribution of instructional materials supplied to the Board  by UBEC, Abuja to all Public Basic Schools in the state; and Procuring and distributing of stationery and office materials.

PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT                              

  •   Monitoring of teaching staff of the Board
  •  Promotion of Teaching staff including advancement etc.
  • Discipline of staff.
  • Posting/ Development of Teaching/Non-teaching Staff.
  •   Conversion of Teaching Staff.
  • Retirement processing of Teaching and non-Teaching staff.
  •  Processing of leave of absence of teaching staff
  •   Appointment of teaching staff.
  •  Interpreting the extant rules on Personnel issues
  •  Confirmation of appointment and promotion of staff