Surulere South Local Council Development Area

Oyo State Community and Social Development Agency Mission, Vision and Objectives

The emergence of Surulere South Local Council Development Area, late 2016 could not be unconnected with the political sagacity of our amiable governor, His Excellency, Sen. Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi. The glory of the creation could only be shared with His Eminence, late (Chief) Lam Adesina, who started the idea itself as far back as year 2002. Having combined acumen with shrewdness, making a long dream a reality, calming and soothing the yawning of many, the people of Surulere South Local Council Development Area remain forever grateful for the good gesture of his Excellency, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi.


Our Vision

Judging by the commitment and observing the hopeful faces of the people of Surulere South Local Council Development Area, a vision is fashioned: Creating a new pace for real fulfillment through introduction of pro-active policy that would tender the tendril  of action-plans away from aged long bureaucratic gulag which mainly encourages moving of files from table to table by the hands that are supposed to be moving and lubricating practical tools of production of our various endeavors dismissing majorly  the theoretical verbosity and unproductive in-door coagulation; associated in so many instances with our work-force, begging them to move to the field.

Our Mission

Our mission in Surulere South Local Council Development Area are that of restoration, resuscitation, rejuvenation, promotion and return. A mission to restore smile to the faces that have been traumatized economically, a mission to resuscitate beam to the hapless millions that are not only beeping but bleeping and probably bleeding under the jack-boots of hyper  deprivation and painful dependency, a mission to promote peaceful cohabitation of people with diverse and divergent coloration and, a mission to return hope and rejuvenate essence to many that have been cornered to submission on the template of infrastructural decay by embarking on massive rehabilitation of long abandoned roads, extensive renovation of decayed infrastructures and, unbending focus on agricultural revitalization through both usual and unusual decisive approaches to governance.

Our Objectives

  • Creation of employment potential through agriculture
  • Advancing literacy and everything therein to an enviable degree
  • Enhancing a greater understanding between the government establishment and the governed.
  • Promotion of communal harmony
  • Reawakening the citizenry of the L.C.D.A. to their civic responsibilities
  • Boosting of internally generated revenue through both conventional and extra-conventional means.
  • Enthronement of discipline, proficiency, efficiency and new orientation within the work-force
  • Improvement on health facilities towards healthy existence
  • Safe-guarding, refurbishing and general rehabilitating of public infrastructures.
  • Prevention of ecological challenges associated with Surulere South L.C.D.A. more especially, the rainstorm palaver through massive planting and encouraging planting of trees.
  • Extension of critical re-orientation to the miscreants/hoodlums of various addictions, refocusing them towards a beneficial life.

Location Of Surulere South L.C.D.A

Geographically, Surulere South L.C.D.A. is located in Ogbomosho Zone of Oyo State. It shares boundary with not less than nine Local Governments / L.C.D.A. within Oyo and adjourning state of Osun; namely: Ogbomoso North and Ogbomoso Center L.C.D.A. in the North Western axis, Surulere North in the Northern axis, Surulere Center in the North Eastern axis, Ogo-Oluwa in the South Western axis, Ejigbo and Ejigbo West L.C.D.A. in the Southern axis and, Ejigbo South L.C.D.A in the South Eastern axis. The headquarters of the L.C.D.A. is Oko, an historical town located at an accessible radius to all the adjourning communities of the Development Area.


The main tribe of Surulere South Local Council Development Area is the Yorubas whose lineal lineages and linkages are traceable to Elese (Oko), Aresa (Iresaapa) and Alapa (Okin). Other communities who may have distinct historical background also abound, some of them are Iware, Ijado, Maami, Mayin, Laege, Oosu, Alagbede, Elejigbo etc. With whatever claim, their Yoruba antecedent is never in doubt. Surulere South L.C.D.A. is also a good host to other tribes of various colorations like Igala, Fulani, Hausa, Ibo, Egede, Agatu and other sojourners from West African countries.

Religion And Beliefs

Theologically, the inhabitants of Surulere South L.C.D.A. are predominantly theists whose convictions radiate differently between Christianity and Islam. Despite the challenge of civilization, there are still an appreciable number of the L.C.D.A. residents who remain adherently loyal to the old ethos of traditional conviction.


Like many African settlements, Surulere South Local Council Development Area is an agrarian society dealing in both food and cash crops cultivation. Their fruits of special species like mango, cashew, tomato, orange and pineapple are in great demand and their other products like yam and palm oil are ranked among the best in Nigeria and possibly South of Sahara. An appreciable numbers of the residents too are into artisanship of various callings, civil service and many others too who are thriving in private sector.

Tourist Attractions

Apart from major festivals commonly associated with the Yorubas like Egungun, Ogun, Oro and host of others, Onda annual festival in Iware Community of Surulere South L.C.D.A. has a unique features that could be of tourist attraction, not only for fun lovers but also researchers as well. For instance, any ingredient in preparation for this festival must be secured fresh,  plucked and prepared same day of the cultural event, palm oil inclusive! The goat for the celebration is not slaughtered as commonly done; it is rather dragged to death round the town on the day of celebration before the meat is used!! The prayers and blessings at the event itself are always in the opposite with coded connotation, and responses during the divination of the deity are in reverse order. In short, and interestingly too, for Onda faithfuls, blessings are curses and vice versa!!! The Onda deity is celebrated annually in the month of August. The two major markets at both Oko and Iresaapa, on their own, are another side attractions for tourists and major centres of commercial activities.

The Logo Of Surulere South L.C.D.A

A justifiable logo of any establishment could not be divorced from it’s historical leaning and identity; so is the case with the logo of Surulere South L.C.D.A as carefully chosen in confabulation with the stake-holders. The logo itself is a package of cashew fruits, palm fruits and tubers of yams selectively arranged inside a well-designed calabash, representing the common products of the people of Surulere South Local Council Development Area. The well-designed calabash itself, where the products are packaged, represents the aged-long historical profession of Elese, the progenitor of Oko, the headquarters of the L.C.D.A.

Surulere South Local Council Development Area, Oko was inaugurated on

18th January 2017 with one hundred and three (103) workers deployed from the existing Local Government of Surulere in Iresaadu. The day was very remarkable in the history of ancient town called Oko, the headquarters of the new Council development Area.


The community, from the available records, embraced the good gesture of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo state, senator Abiola Ajimobi who at this time turned people’s dream into reality. This, as a result, informed the community’s decision to put a round peg in a round hole by putting in place all necessary arrangement of making administrative works easy and convenient for newly posted staff.

However the total numbers of staff posted to this LCDA were from all the department except Budget Planning, Research and Statistics department. A block of four classroom, secured from Baptist Grammar School Oko, was originally being used then as office secretariat.

Before and after the appointment of pioneer caretaker chairman, Honourable Folaranmi Oyebanji on Friday 7th Aprill 2017, the entire staff under the leadership of Council Manager (Adeniran A.A.) worked as a team

Administrative Department

This department is headed by J.O. Akanbi as the Director of Administration and General Services. The department coordinate the activities of the hundred and three (103) personnel in the LCDA. It also organizes series of stakeholders meetings to create needed awareness for all and sundry of the entire community. Actions are also initiated on each correspondence from the supervising ministry. Returns are made and forwarded to the appropriate quarters.


Agric Department

This department has not been able to engage much in business because of lack of qualified staff and necessary tools. The number of staff in this department is only a tractor operator without a single tractor to work with. However the unrelenting effort of the caretaker Chairman has made it possible to secure hectares of land from Obas, Chiefs and Baales for large scale farming which in turn will boost the IGR of the LCDA.   


Education And Social Services Department

This department is headed by Mrs. Opaleye Foluke. The department engages in registration of clubs, societies and associations, issues Local Government/council certificate of origin and others.


Enviromental Health Services.

This department is headed by Mrs. Adeyinka F.A. The department is not fully equipped with enough staff, while the available ones conduct regular inspection to markets and house to house routine inspections. The devoted and committed staff in this department organize regular training for the public and private food vendors in the LCDA. Inspections are also made to the regulated premises.

Finance And Supplies Department

This is another department being headed by Olatunbosun Femi. The department has been up and doing especially in area of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The few staff deployed from the existing Local Government worked as a team on the market days to increase the tally of money realized to the coffer of the Mother Local Government before the sharing of assets and liabilities.

Primary Health Care Department

This department is headed by Toso Adesokan. Health care services are provided free of charge for the inhabitants of the LCDA through this department. It takes part in the measles immunization and other health related programmes. All the health facilities in the LCDA are manned by professionals, although more hands and facilities are still required.

Works Department

This department is headed by Engr. Awoniyi T.G. The department engaged in clearing, opening and grading of about one hundered (100) kilometres road across the LCDA. It also intends to engage in survey work on the acquired land for housing scheme in trio of Oko, Iresaapa and Okin, but unable to do so yet as a result of paucity of fund.

Apart from the departmental activities mentioned above, the followings are details of works as carried out on daily basis in the past few months:

11/4/17: The Caretaker Chairman had maiden meeting with HODs and entire staff

13/4/17: Hosting of NULGE branch Executives and Vigilante Groups

18/4/17: Hosting of CAN Executive of Surulere South LCDA.

2/5/17:  Peace meeting organized regarding the matters affecting illegal occupation of Oko garage. Security agents and other stakeholders were present as observers.

3/5/17:- The Caretaker Chairman and management team made official visit to moribound Food Company in Oko town

10/5/17:- Hosting of L.G.E.A secretary and his team.

18/5/17:- Hosting of DPO with discussion on plots of land for 500 housing units requested by the State Commissioner of Police. Bank manager, First Bank Oko also paid a courtesy call. NYSC member were also hosted by the management.

19/5/17:-   The Caretaker Chairman and his management team paid unscheduled official visit to Baptist Primary Day School, Iresaapa, Oko, Asangbomole and Origi. Official visit was also paid to health centre in Iresaapa and Arasaapa palace.

22/5/17:-   Inauguration of Local Council Review Committee (LCRC). The representatives of Oko Descendant Union Ibadan were also hosted same day.

17/05-7/06/17:-   1st phase of clearing, opening and grading of roads started.

21-6-17:-     Hosting of Zonal commanders of NSDC and his entourage.

There are so many crowned Obas and beaded chiefs in Surulere South L.C.D.A. Notable among them are Aresaapa, Oloko, Alapa, Onipooro, Olumayin, Oluware, Onimaami, Olodan-an-bon, Alayetoro, Oloosu, Olukolo, Alayedaade, Aro, Elejemu, Olokose, Jagun, Balogun, Ikolaba, Onitemu, Alaaka, Oluboyepe, Alasangbo, Baale-oba, Onikeke, Eledusi, Oloosu, Alamosa, Alasawo and the host of notable others.


  • Increment in number of Civil Defence corps deployed to the L.C.D.A from five to thirteen through the administrative penetration of the authority of the L.C.D.A. Similar efforts is on high-gear for the Police to do same.
  • Persistent meeting with members of vigilante groups.
  • Identification of areas prone to hoodlums’ activities and extension of orientation and critical re-orientation to them.



  • Relentless unscheduled visits embarked upon by the caretaker chairman have resulted to greater efficiency and punctuality of the health workers.
  • Opening and staffing of long abandoned maternity centres at both Ikolo and Mayin.


Road Rehabilitation

With the unalloyed support of the management of the L.C.D.A. in connivance

with the relentless efforts of the caretaker chairman, over 96 kilometers of road

have been reopened, cleared and graded across the major towns and villages of

the L.C.D.A. like Oko, Iresaapa, Pooro, Ijado, Adido, Onikeke, Itemu, Oluboyepe,

Tafon, Ile-ogo, Olakemeji, Elejigbo, Aagba, Ade-oba etc.



In preparation for large scale farming in both food and cash crops production, a plot of land where both cassava and maize are planted is being cultivated for the purpose of test-running. Acres of land towards achieving this goal are awaiting clearing whenever fund is made available.




Acquisition Of Land For Development Purposes

Due to diplomacy, understanding and established friendliness between the L.C.D.A. Authority and the Traditional Heads in Surulere South, hectares of land have been freely donated by various communities for housing, industrial and agricultural purposes e.g

  • securing of Permanent Site for Secretariat, LIE Office and other related
  • securing of over 100 acres of land for the purpose of constructing a befitting 500 units of houses for the police from the trio of Alapa of Okin, Aresaapa of Iresaapa and High Chief Aro of Oko.



Surulere Development Levy

Apart from conventional ways of generating revenue internally, the high gear negotiation between the Surulere L.C.D.A and its constituents recorded a level of success .The constituents have agreed on the payment of agreeable amount to be paid annually for developmental programmes within the council. The collection of the levy would commence after the necessary approval.




In order to boost employment potential, effort is being made by the authority of Surulere South L.C.D.A to rejuvenate the Pace Setter Juice Industry at Oko which has remained moribund for years. Exchanges of correspondences between the state government and L.C.D.A to that effect have been recorded and visitation panel led by Dr. Isaac Ayandele, Special Assistant on Efficiency from governor’s office received and, today, there is greater hope of possibility of reviving the industry through partnership with willing investors or, in the alternative, turn the structure to a viable use.


Office accomodation for bureau of physical development

And civil defence corps

As part of efforts of Surulere South L.C.D.A. in making life comfortable for every government agency, a section of the temporary Secretariat was given out magnanimously to both the Bureau of Physical Development and Civil Defence.





To a greater extent, the administration of Surulere South L.C.D.A. had resolved a lot of bickering that would have aggravated to serious commotion. For example, the aged-long dispute between the Fulanis of Iware / Ogele axis and Iresaapa axis was peacefully resolved.


Map And Data Collation

Part of the recorded successes of Surulere South L.C.D.A. is establishing a Data Bank and mapping out its territorial boundary as spelt out by the gazette. The document is awaiting final approval of the stake – holders of all the communities concerned for publication.



Environment Sanitation

The area where another stride is recorded has to do with sanitation. Through the efforts of the environmental department, with the support of the care–taker Chairman, the L.C.D.A., more especially Oko Township is now wearing a new look.


Screening Exercise

In order to ascertain the actual strength of workers and their qualifications towards enhancing further efficiency, a screening exercise was carried out. The exercise succeeds in facilitating the seconding of staff in our various postings.



Regular Town Hall Meetings

As part of efforts of the L.C.D.A. to keep the people abreast of the goings in government circle and also to feel the pulse of the people regarding the activities of government in return, regular town hall meetings were held and the resultant effect is the harmonious relationship being witnessed in the L.C.D.A. today.


Attempt Towards Reclaiming Of Government Property

At inception of the administration of Surulere South Local Council Development Area, it was discovered that Oko Central Motor Park, the main source of Government revenue, has been encroached and taken over by private individuals. Efforts towards reclaiming the property have been on but not without resistance from the beneficiaries, arguing that the place actually belongs to their family.


The said property has been under the control of old Western Region as far back as 1958. The place had been fenced twice, electrified, land–scaped, provided with public toilet and both entry and exit constructed by past administrations at various stages. After extensive consultation, a mediatory meeting was organized by the administration of Surulere South, and in attendance were the traditional chiefs of the town, the security agencies and the encroachers themselves. In the meeting, it was made clear to the encroachers that the property belongs to the government, the position they seem not to have agreed with. Nonetheless, the authority of Surulere South Local Council Development Area is not relenting in reclaiming the property and perhaps, be forced to request for state intervention in reclaiming the property.



Cutural Break-Through


The discovery of a unique Onda annual festival in Iware community is another remarkable stride in the history of Surulere South Local Council Development Area. This is a festival being celebrated only in a singular community in the whole of Yoruba land and whose reversibility in connotation is interestingly alarming.


Apart from the fact that all the ingredients for the celebration of Onda deity must be secured afresh on the day of the festival (plucking of palm fruits and getting it processed into oil inclusive), the she-goat for the celebration is not slaughtered but dragged to death on the day of festival before usage for soup! It is also remarkable that blessings during the festival are seen as curses and invocation of wraths while curses are taken as invitation of divine good-will!! Without equivocation and less skepticism, this discovery would not only generate debate among scholars but interestingly thrilled the fun seekers.

Book Publication 

Another remarkable feather added to the achievement of Surulere South Local Council Development Area is the publication of hand-book on the council itself. The book centres on the creation, the territory, individual contributions, achievements, the potential and possibilities, the tourist attraction, the traditional establishments, the focus, the challenges and way out. The book is due to be launched soon.

Some prominent personalities of Surulere South L.C.D.A are;

Oba Moses Olayiwola Ajiboye III   (A Royal Father)

Oba Adegoke Akinola Oyeyode     (A Royal Father)

Prof. Akinola Akintola                    (A Royal Father)

Chief Solomon Ojedayo                 (Executive chairman, Top-one, Podo, Ibadan)

Alhaji Kazeem Nazir                       (Executive chairman Nazeem oil, Nigeria)

Asiwaju Isaac Akinkunmi             (Oba Yoruba, Benue State)

Hon. Peter Oyetunji                         (House of Assembly, Oyo State)

Hon. Folaranmi Oyebanji              (Former member House of Reps., Pioneer Chairman Surulere South L.C.D.A – Oko)

Hon. Segun Odebunmi                   (House of Reps. Abuja)

Hon. M.A Olaniyan                           (Madeola Hospital, Oko)

Hon. Mojolagbe                                 (Former chairman Surulere Local Government)

Hon. Oladimeji Orolade                 (Former Chairman Surulere Local Government)

Prince Salawu (Sado)                     (Business Tycoon Abidjan)

Mr. Soji Komolafe                             (Produce Buyer)

Alhaji Shittu Oyewumi                   (Business Tycoon)

Chief M.A Wojuade                         (A high chief and pioneer chairman of old Surulere Local Government)

Dr. Amuda Aluko                             (Tafida of Ilorin)

Engr. Iyanda                                      (Chairman, Local Organizing Committee on

Surulere South LCDA)

Dr. Paul Adeyemo                          (Secretary, Local Organizing Committee on Surulere South LCDA)

Hon. Banjo Ayanniran                   (Merciful Foods)

Mr. Paul Oyerele                            (State Secretariat Ibadan)

Chief Salami Segun                         (Bob-Shege)

Dr. Beatrice Bosede Bankole       (Boston, U.S.A)

Alhaji Yekeen Eleran

Mr. Debo Adegbola                          (Ado – Ekiti)

Prince Joel Olaniyi                           (U.S.A)

Pastor Okelade Sunday                  (United Kingdom)

Prince Akinrinoye Tunde Olugbayi  (Great Britain)

Hon. Olayiwola Ogunniran          (Former Member, Oyo State House of Assembly)

Engr. Salaudeen Mufutau            (Founder: Proposed Okin University, Okin – Apa)

Alhaji Sarumi Alimi

Dr. Olayiwola Babalola                   (Fed University, Oye – Ekiti)

Some Notable Establishments are;

  • Pacesetter Juice Industry, Oko
  • Police College, Odanbon (Construction on going)
  • Navy Secondary School, Iresaapa
  • Federal Ministry of Science & Technology Annex, Onipaanu
  • 500 Police Housing units (Construction underway)
  • Ajani farms, Agogo-ogun
  • Forest Reserve, Ilogbo/Itemu
  • D.E. Vocational Training Centre, Onipaanu
  • Youths Development Centre, Iresaapa (under construction)
  • Cultural Centre, Oko
  • Lasun Yusuf Farm, Oko
  • Ajanla Poultry Farm, Oko
  • Proposed Okin University, Okin-Apa



The only political appointee from Surulere South LCDA is Hon. (Chief) Folaranmi Oyebanji with the contact address: Olokose Extension, Oke–Ola Area, Oko. Tel:. 08033594576.

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