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The Board for Technical and Vocational Education was created about 11 years ago on March 15, 2001. There is a workforce of  141 staff. The board aids the formulation policies and laying the standard for technical and vocational education in the state, the management of technical colleges and vocational centres in the state. We also ensure that all policies on technical and vocational education formulated by the board are fully implemented and ensure that courses of instruction given in the technical colleges and vocational education centers satisfy the prescribed requirement and standards and performing such other functions may be assigned by the Honourable Commissioner.

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Our Vision

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]To promote skills acquisition through technical colleges and vocational centers in the state and turn out self-reliant skilled men/women rather than job seekers and thereby re-position the state for rapid technological development in a fast changing world.[/fancy_heading]

Our Mission

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]To turn the technical colleges and vocational centers into world-class centers of excellence that would serve as training ground for technicians ans craft men and provision of functional technical/vocational education that would enhance technology advancement and poverty alleviation.[/fancy_heading]

Our Objectives

  • To secure institutional accreditation of National Board for Technical Education [NBTE]for all government technical colleges in the state;
  • To secure Programmed accreditation of national board for technical Education [NBTE] for available trade programmes in the Government Technical Colleges in the state;
  • To establish vocational programmes in the government Technical Colleges for the award of national vocational certificate [NVC];
  • To turn out competent technical colleges graduates who can gainful employment on further studies or be self-reliant.


Address : Oyo State Housing Corporation, 857, Bola Babalakin Crescent, Ikolaba GRA,  Ibadan, Oyo State.

Phone : 07080802825.