The Government printing Press has been established since 1950. The Government established the press to publish all the government documents and materials such as Gazette, Receipt and all other vital documents.

It became a corporate body under edit not of 1998 published in Oyo State Gazette No. 2 Volume 23 of 9th February, 1998 and emended in Gazette No. 8, Volume 26 of 22nd February, 2011.

Our Vision

To provide qualitative commercial printing service for Ministries, Parastatals , Agency (MDAs) and the entire citizen

Our Mission

  • To print quality jobs for the Government and public and generate appreciable revenue for the State;
  • To sustain and train manpower for the State

Our Objectives

  • Improving on marking strategies to secure jobs
  • Appointment of graduates and apprentice printer and version of qualified adhoc staff to printers cadre;
  • Enactment of enabling laws that will make it mandatory fall all the MDAs;
  • Procurement of the following modern machines:
    1. Colour Separation Machine
    2. Direct Image Machine
  • Ebidic1/2 Kord Machine (used for embossing)


Email :

Phone :  08034308197,  08034459118.

  • Department is incharge of human management and control;
  • Responsible for Administrative development planning;
  • In charge of general administration matters;
  • Co- Admin section is a section that drive all the department, section, unit of the Agency
  • The ordination the activities of all other department.
  • Account Section is incharge of funds of the Agency;
  • Account Section is the section answerable to any letter address to the DPT ;
  • Account Section is incharge of Salary/staff pay roll and other accountable activities.
  • The printing department sees to the printing procedure from graphic design to the fund output of any job order;
  • The section is incharge of quality control of any job order in order to have excellent output and prompt delivery;
  • This section is the section that issue work ticket (i.e work quotation).
  • This section create security code for jobs done for the MDAs;
  • This section makes numbering jobs for the government and public;
  • This section is responsible for all the electrical/mechanical work of the machine use in the Agency.
  • Expansion on the patronage from the MDAs and the public and this has increased the revenue of the Agency;
  • Improvement on quality of the jobs produce by the Agency
  • Procurement of new lamination machine;
  • Prompt delivery of quality jobs to the Agency and MDAs.

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