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Emulate The Mutuality Between Oyo Assembly And Executive’ Oyo Information Commissioner To FG, States

The Federal Government and State Governors in Nigeria have been urged to emulate the cordiality that exist between the executive arm and the legislative body in Oyo State that has engendered development in all sectors in the State.

The State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr Wasiu Olatubosun said this on an interview programme on King’s FM in Ibadan on Saturday, adding that many contradictory statements on the nation’s economy, security and other issues coming from the Presidency and the national assembly would not have occurred if there was mutuality that was meant to benefit Nigerians.

Olatubosun said all the programmes and policies of Oyo State were outcomes of what he called a ‘bottom-up’ communication approach to governance, whereby the inputs of the people were factored into the policies before being implemented.

He said a situation whereby the Presidency would unilaterally expend public funds on projects without a recourse to legislative approval showed lack of unity and was part of the reasons issues of security, economic development and other important sectors of human life remained in doldrum.

“A situation whereby the Presidency will embark on a programme or project using public fund without getting the nod of the national assembly is not healthy for democracy, the members of the national assembly represent the people and their interests, they should be carried along, that is why we are still where we are in Nigeria.

“I implore the Presidency and the national assembly to come and learn what democracy really mean in Oyo State, the present administration in Oyo State has achieved commendable achievements in the areas of primary healthcare, education, agricultural prospects and other sectors because the people are carried along through their representatives.

“The loans the State accessed were well debated on the floor of the State assembly and the majority of members argued in favor of the loan because they realized that to have an omelet, you have to break eggs, the projects that the loans are taken for will in turn become the major source of internal revenue for the State, so it is a simple logic, let them come and emulate this, many States in Nigeria would have developed with their resources if they do the needful in what democracy really stands for.”

On the recent flood cases and alert campaign in the State, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun called on the people to be wary of areas where flood always wreaked havoc till the raining season is over.

He also enjoined them to desist from dumping refuse in waterways to avoid clogging the passage of water and cause flooding.




Wasiu Olatubosun (P.hd),

Hon. Commissioner for Information,

Culture and Tourism (MIC&T), Ibadan.

Saturday 12th September, 2020.

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