Our Vision

  • Automation of Business Processes across MDAs
  • To coordinate, engineer and oversee ICT projects in the state MDA through:
  • Collaboration with other agencies for effective service delivery
  • Effective coordination of ICT projects
  • Provision of hardware, software and other logistic for enhance service delivery
  • Collaborate with stakeholders within the emerging Oyo ICT Ecosystem to provide and enabling environment for the creation of knowledge driven jobs

Our Mission

  • Attainment of effective and efficient service delivery through ICT driven governance
  • Achievement of a less paper administration
  • Complete automation of all government business processes; e.g. Employee Record, Payroll, etc.
  • Promotion of open data through improve usage of the State Website and other electronic information dissemination tools.
  • Commenced The Implementation Of The OYSG E-Government/Automation Project
  • Deployed Data Connectivity Infrastructure To Enhance Communication Within And Outside government
  • Launched Oyo Digital Literacy Initiative
  • Established 1st Oyo State ICT Technology Stakeholders Forum
  • Developed An OYSG Statistics Databank
  • Restructured OYSG ICT in line with global best practices
  • Developed a databank to manage the agric-oyo project
  • Conducted tech-u technology assessment
  • Progressed the oyo video surveillance safe city initiative
  • Optimize existing process for telecom masts infrastructure management

OBJECTIVE: Full computerization of the State Government’s operations leading to cost savings and provision of accurate and reliable information for decision makers.

Project has commenced with the biometric verification and deployment of a Human Capital Management solution to block leakages.


70% expected increase in Civil Service Productivity, Collaboration and Efficiency as the solution provides :

  • Automation of the budget preparation, approval and release processes
  • Online approvals of expenditure transactions
  • Automation of supply chain related processes
  • Provision of timely and complete information on government cash resources
  • Provide Real time access to data for decision making using a unified, reliable and sharable databank
  • Similar public sector automation projects have resulted in 30% reduction in Opex expenditure within a year.

OBJECTIVE: Provision of reliable data connectivity infrastructure to serve as the backbone for technology solutions to drive process efficiency across OYSG

Phase 1 Rollout completed covering :

Governor’s Office building, MIC, Office of the HOS, AG & Commissioner of Finance’s office fully connected via Wireless Radio Transmitter.

  • Governor’s Office
  • Deputy Governor’s wing
  • COS
  • HOS
  • Accountant General


  • 70% expected increase in Civil Service Productivity, Collaboration & Efficiency

OBJECTIVE: Provision of  skills that are essential for participation in today’s knowledge- based economy (90% of future jobs will require ICT skills)


  • To Promote Digital Literacy
  • Partnership with Google to train 30,000 secondary school students statewide
  • Collaboration with CCII to promote digital literacy in Ibadan


  • Reposition the state into a knowledge driven economy
  • Potential to create 10,000 knowledge driven jobs annually


  • Collaborate with all stakeholders within the ICT Ecosystem to reposition the state into a knowledge driven economy.
  • Meet regularly to share ideas with :
    • NITDA & NCC
    • Telco’s, Banks
    • Stakeholders meeting with Software Hub operators across the state.
    • Computer Hardware Associations across the state.


  • Potential to create 10,000 knowledge driven jobs annually and ensure that the Pacesetter Science and Technology Park is launched by Jan. 2019


  • Serves as a flexible database of OYSG statistics to support policy making and enhance the capacity of partners and members of the public to analyze data
  • Databank developed in collaboration with SA Budget & Economic Planning and the Office of the Statistician General.


  • 80% improvement in data quality & timeliness
  • Easier retrieval of statewide statistical data & improved responsiveness
  • Strengthen data usage for planning within the state
  • Facilitates wider dissemination of a broad range of information
  • Enhances public access to socio-economic data


  • Restructure OYSG ICT team in line with global best practices. (Outdated mainframe structures and roles)


  • Defined functional role based organogram and assigned team members.
  • Introduced the culture of weekly team meetings to provide updates on all ongoing projects and ensure communication amongst all team members.
  • Introduced the culture of knowledge sharing sessions during weekly team meetings.


  • Automate the LUC form generation process and simplify the fees calculation and determination process.
  • Supported the generation of the demand notices for customers


  • Reduced LUC data processing time by over 50%. .


  • Developed a web-based database to manage the registration of Agric Oyo Participants across the 28 Agrarian LGs
  • Provide regular data mining support to the OYSAI Committee
  • Provide data and drive the field based beneficiary selection with the Ministry of Agriculture.


  • Data Driven Initiative, over 40,000 Participants registered on the web platform and each assigned a unique OYSAI no used to administer the scheme.
  • Statistics on the crop production, participants, land allocation and other relevant program details readily available via a secured server connection.

OBJECTIVE:  Application of ICT to sense, analyze, and converge key data from key operations and management systems, so that decision makers within the state can intelligently respond  to a variety of governance, livelihood, and business needs.

Prototypes and proof of concept  for pilot ‘CBD’ locations have been identified across Ibadan. (ICT driving the technology required with OYSG Security Team)


  • Provide technical support to the Oyo N-POWER team.
  • Design call-up letters to be issued to each beneficiary
  • Design a web-based print module to automate the manual existing printing process
  • Design a databank of all Oyo State beneficiaries to manage the scheme effectively


  • Automated and streamlines N-Power Project administration and management in Oyo State.
  • Over 5,000 SUBEB call-up Letters distributed
  • Over 6,000 TESCOM, BOTAVED, ANFE call-up letter processed


  • Developed Right of Way (ROW) and dig once policy.
  • Develop high level specification for statewide duct map
  • Working with Telecoms Consultant to improve IGR


  • Streamlines Telecoms processes , development of duct map and adoption of policies expected to improve revenue generated from the sector by over 25%.
MR. BAYO AKANDESPECIAL ASSISTANTbayoakande@oyostate.gov.ng
MRS. MOBOLAJI A. OGUNTADEDIRECTOR (IT)ictmemos@oyostate.gov.ng

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