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Major Salawu Hails OYRTMA’s Resilience on Ibadan Traffic Control

The resilience of the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA) to see to the flow of vehicular traffic in Ibadan, has caught the fancy of a prominent figure in Oyo State, Major Rasaq Salawu (rtd), who said the Authority’s sense of commitment to duty is paying off.

The retired Military officer said this against the backdrop of the gridlock induced by the activities of vehicles, on UI-Agbowo axis before the intervention of OYRTMA officials.

According to Major Salawu some level of sanity has been restored on the roads in the State, especially places like UI, Adamasingba, Dugbe etc.

He said officers are seen daily dishing out orders to stubborn and recalcitrant drivers to maintain the one-lane queue arrangement that allows other motorists free access on the other unoccupied lane.

Major Salawu said the Agency’s commitment has reduced road accidents, and ensured safety of road users in Oyo State.

He applauded OYRTMA officials, led by the Chairman, Major Adesagba Adekoya (Rtd), during a courtesy visit by the OYRTMA State Commander, Dr. Saheed Adesokan at his residence in Agbowo Area, Ibadan.

Major Salawu (Rtd) particularly praised the Agency for preventing accidents at Agbowo, by their monitoring activities on the road.

The retired Military officer emphasized Governor Seyi Makinde’s dedication to public safety, highlighting the recruitment of 338 officers to enforce traffic laws and protect lives.

He recalled the inception of road safety initiatives in Nigeria originated by him, dating back to 1977 when “Maja Maja” was established in Oyo State during the tenure of late Major General David Jenbewon.

Major Salawu explained how this initiative improved traffic management and reduced road accidents by fostering cooperation between motor drivers and law enforcement.

He therefore, pledged full support to OYRTMA in their mission to manage road traffic and protect lives and property across the State.

Retired Major Salawu generously donated historical documents from the “Maja Maja” era to assist OYRTMA in their ongoing efforts.

These documents included History of Automotive and Locomotive, Suggestion for Road Accident Prevention, Automobile Engineering in Road Traffic Management and Administration, The Birth of Highway Code, Automobile Engineering Transport Manager’s and Operator’s Handbook, and Principle of Transport.

In response, OYRTMA Chairman Major Adesagba Adekoya (Rtd), represented by State Commander Dr. Saheed Adesokan, assured Major Salawu that the received documents would be compiled into a comprehensive book for the benefit of OYRTMA officers and the public.

The courtesy visit was attended by dignitaries including Alhaji R.A. Ibikunle, Mr. Sunday Dairo, among others.



Prince Dotun Oyelade,

Commissioner for Information,

Oyo State.

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