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Oyo Muslim Pilgrims depart Makkah to Muna

The Intending Pilgrims  from Oyo State to Makkah and  Medinah have successfully departed the city of Makkah to Muna  for completion of their pilgrimage rights.

The Chairman of the Board Prof. Sayed Malik disclosed  this while addressing the Journalists at the Pilgrims hotel  Durat Al Ewaa, Makkah.

He  appreciated Allah for  successful performance of the Pilgrims Hajj duties both in Medinah and Makkah and  prayed for the safe arrival to Muna.

The Chairman reminded the intending Pilgrims to be law- abiding and pray for themselves, their families, for the state and Nigeria as a whole during the Pilgrim exercise.


Badmus Ibrahim A

Press Officer.

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