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[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]OYSAA is the Government Agency established to regulate, control and monitor the administration of Out-of-Home advertisement structures across Oyo State boundaries. OYSAA derives its powers from the Signage And Advertisement Agency Law 2012
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Our Vision

  • Cultivate, serve and retain OYSAA clients through professionalism and continuous increase in knowledge base.
  • Ensure strict adherence to specifications and high ethical standards.
  • Regulate indiscriminate erection of Outdoor advertisement structures across Oyo State.
  • Fulfilling safety and aesthetic objectives of the State.
  • Ensure returns to its’ Stakeholders as well as modest commitment to corporate social responsibilities.

Our Mission

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]To transform Oyo State outdoor space in such a way that it will attract investors particularly advertisers in addition to promoting economic activities of the Pace Setter State.[/fancy_heading]

Our Objectives

  • The Agency has eye for aesthetic and concern to ensure that the outdoor space of Oyo State is safe and conducive for business operations so that both Government and stakeholders would continue to thrive.
  • We work with all stakeholders in the industry for the common goal of both Government and Stakeholders.
  • To regulate, control and administer the affairs of outdoor in the State in order to increase internally generated revenue.
  • To create regulated and controlled signage and outdoor advertisement structures
  • Support modernization
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Ensure deployment of safe structures
  • Encourage beautification and a well cared for environment.
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Our goal is to transform the state in such a way that it will attract investors, advertisers in addition to promoting economic activities with a view to create a win-win situation for regulators and operators in Oyo State.

The mandate of OYSAA since inception by an enabling law in 2012 includes:

  • Controlling outdoor structures to be used for signage and advertisement, issue licenses and permits to protect the environment from adverse environmental impacts caused by visual blights, controlling the number, size and locations of outdoor structures.
  • Ensuring the outdoor structures are sound and carefully designed, erected, modified, maintained or removed when no longer in use to avoid damage to lives and properties.
  • Ensuring outdoor structures are compatible with surrounding land uses and environment and further ensure the beautification of the immediate surrounding and vicinity of the signage structures, ensure that our streets are well lit by providing street light poles on all major roads within the state.
  • Controlling pasting and display of posters and banners on public structures and highways.

Indeed, vision of OYSAA  is to be in the forefront and a role model  in signage control, outdoor management, civic beautification and bumper harvest in terms of revenue  generation internally.

  • The task before OYSAA from inception is to drive the new process of recreating the Oyo State Landscape, reenergize the Outdoor Space for beautification and aesthetic mixes and ultimately support the internally generated revenue activities of the State Government.
  • As a responsible organ of Government that has eye for aesthetics, its’ major concern is to ensure that the outdoor space of Oyo State is safe and conducive for business so that both Government and stakeholders would continue to thrive.

The OYSAA operational details are as follows:

  • The outdoor company must be duly registered as limited liability or business name by the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • The outdoor company shall show evidence of engagement in full-time professional outdoor advertising practice in Nigeria.
  • The Outdoor company must reveal evidence of its membership with Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) {if available }and Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON)
  • The company must present on demand evidence of company tax payment of the Federal Government of Nigeria i.e Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Clients are required to purchase duly stamp billboard applications form from OYSAA as a prerequisite for requesting for approvals for outdoor structures.
  • Obtained Lamppost application form when necessary.
  • All payments are to be made into OYSG bank accounts to obtain application form..
  • Duly completed forms are returned to the agency with photo copy of the bank teller attached accordingly.
  • Site inspection is usually carried out to determine the suitability of a site or building where a structure is proposed to be erected.
  • A site inspection fee is charged if an application is subjected to inspection.

Clients who wish to upgrade their structures (improve on their outdoor structure) are required to obtain and complete an upgrade form and thereafter submitted along with prerequisite documents.

  • Photomontage
  • Site/location map
  • structural drawings
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report (where applicable)
  • Lack of agreed standards
  • Cluttered environment
  • Dangerous structures
  • Indiscriminate installation of signs and billboards.
  • Neglected environment
  • No database of advertising structures in the State

There are CORE-ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS which made the functions of the Agency easier. They are:


The unit  is saddled with the responsibility of getting information and data-base on signage structures i.e. sizes, types of structures and locations.


The unit receives application from clients and process same for approval,


This unit inspects site for signage structures to determine its suitability.


This unit is saddled with the responsibility of removing illegal and damaged  signage structures.  It facilitates  debt recovery by removing signage structures of companies who are indebted to the Agency; and  is responsible for removal of all posters / Banners pasted on all public buildings and highways within the state.


This is the unit that is saddled with the responsibility of raising bills for all the structures that has been approved for construction.


It is the responsibility of this unit to monitor the Agency’s debt profile and to recover debts on behalf of the Agency.


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