“And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts…………” Zech 14:16

Our Vision

The Vision is anchored on the need to provide the platform for Christians to undergo a spiritual re-awakening, moral reform through their participation in the Holy Pilgrimage which will resultantly lead to orderliness in our society.

Our Mission

The Mission is to provide all round excellent professional expertise to Christians going on Holy Pilgrimage to the Lands of Israel, Sinai, Rome and Greece for a spiritual rebirth, repentance and rededication.

Our Objectives

  • Smooth airlifting of Christian Pilgrims from Nigeria to holy lands and back to Nigeria.
  • Bringing Christians closer to God through the Pilgrimage exercise which is of high spiritual content.
  • To ensure that every Christian that can afford the cost go on Pilgrimage to Israel at least once in their life time.
  • To ensure that the Pilgrimage is not seen as tourism and/or jamboree but a spiritual journey that has multiplier effect on the entire nation.
  • The Oyo State Pilgrims Welfare Board (Christian Wing) was established in consonance with the Law (Law 1977, Cap 91).
  • It is located at Total Garden, along Secretariat/UCH Road, Ibadan.
  • It is charged with the duty of protecting and safeguarding the interest and welfare of pilgrims of Oyo State.
  • It is saddled with the responsibility of organizing hitch-free pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
  • It caters for the well-being of all Christians who perform pilgrimage exercise.
  • Sensitization of the public through media outfits such as radio and television.
  • Sensitization of the public through visitation to churches and Local governments, meetings with stakeholders and community heads.
  • Distribution of pamphlets, posters and handbills to churches to encourage Christians to be interested in performing pilgrimage to the holy land.
  • Liaising with the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) on policy matters involving Christian pilgrimage.
  • Liaising with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on all matters of government that affect the Christian community in the State.

The Pilgrims Welfare Board (Christian Wing) is headed by a Chairman, four unofficial members and the Board’s Secretary as specified in its enabling law.  These officials are ably assisted by officers deployed from various Cadres across the State Public Service.

  • To protect and safeguard the interest and welfare of the Christian Pilgrims.
  • To make suitable arrangements for the transport and accommodation for the pilgrims most especially in the Holy Land.
  • To assist the pilgrims in matters relating to Visa procurement, immigration and currency exchange.
  • Medical screening and Inoculation of all intending pilgrims through the Ajimobi free Medicare programme in order to ensure that the pilgrims are in good health condition.
  •   To contribute to the reign of peace in the State through the monthly Ecumenical Fellowship prayer tagged: “Good Morning Jesus”.

The Chairman of the Board, Bishop David Ademola Moronfolu Moradeyo was appointed on 1st August, 2016.  He was the 9th Chairman of the Board.  In the year 2013, Four hundred and seventy-five (475) pilgrims participated in the Holy Pilgrimage to Israel as reflected in the table below:

1st Batch Regular and Special Group (Israel) 374 Pilgrims
2nd Batch Regular group 101 pilgrims
Total 475 Pilgrims


In 2014, altogether five hundred and seventy-seven (577) pilgrims were airlifted on Holy Pilgrimage to Israel as shown below:



1st Batch Regular and Special Group (Israel)  318 Pilgrims
2nd Batch Regular group 247 pilgrims
3rd Batch Easter Pilgrimage 12 pilgrims
               Total 577 Pilgrims


During the year 2015 pilgrimage exercise, One hundred and eleven (111) regular and Special group of pilgrims were airlifted to Holy Land of Israel. Twenty-five (25) pilgrims were airlifted during the 2016 Easter Pilgrimage Exercise.  In the year 2016 pilgrimage exercise, Eighty-seven (87) regular and special group of pilgrims were airlifted to the Holy Land of Israel while Forty-seven (47) pilgrims were airlifted during the 2017 Easter Pilgrimage Exercise.

Board Chairman:  Bishop David Ademola Moronfolu Moradeyo.

Oyo State Pilgrims Welfare Board (Christian Wing), Total Garden, Ibadan.

    • Transit Camp Hostel   –    65% completion stage
    • Proposed Senator Abiola Ajimobi Multi-Purpose Hall –   70% completion stage