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The Oyo State Executive Council (EXCO) Approved The Purchase Of 10 New Ambulances

The Oyo State Executive Council (EXCO) approved the purchase of 10 new ambulances by the Ministry of Health, this afternoon. Three specialised ambulances for intensive care units and seven for each zone in the State. This will support the emergency centre response in Oyo State.

Our Commissioner for Health, Dr Bashir Bello, updated the EXCO on the steps being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the State. The creation of a rapid response and monitoring department and disease surveillance and notification officers in the 33 LGAs and 35 LCDAs.

There are specific centres for any suspected coronavirus case which may need to be isolated/quarantined at; Ring Road State Hospital, Ibadan Jericho Chest Hospital, Ibadan LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso University College Hospital, Ibadan Military Hospital, Odogbo Barracks.

The Ministry of Health has also run enlightenment campaigns about coronavirus in markets, schools and for people in the hospitality industry to maintain the hand washing culture and give a safe distance if anyone is sneezing or coughing around them.

We also received an update from our Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof Oyelowo Oyewo that the executive bill proposing the establishment of the Office of the Public Defender, is ready to be transmitted to the Oyo State House of Assembly.

The proposed Office of the Public Defender will complement the Federal law on legal aid. While the law on legal aid deals mainly with criminal matters, the office of the public defender will provide legal aid, legal representation & legal advice to indigent citizens of Oyo State.

This constitutes part of the core mandate of this administration which is justice sector reforms, inclusivity and equity for all. The work of the Office of the Public Defender will enhance the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Oyo State citizens.

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