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Oyo To Offset Four Years Workers Promotion Arrears, Approves Tutor-General For Schools

….Promises To End Favoritism in Elevation

Oyo State Government has disclosed that it will offset the promotion arrears of its workforce that have been stagnated for four years, saying that there will be no more disparity in elevation of workers in the State.

The Chairman Oyo State Civil Service Commission stated this over the weekend while speaking with reporters on the preparation for the training exercise for Directors of Administration, Directors of Personnel and Directors of Finance in the State Civil Service towards conducting a hitch-free promotion exercise for the workers.

Aderibigbe hinted that the decision of the State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde to offset the arrears of promotion was in conformity with the administration’s welfarism policy and the realization that the workers have labored for the said period without being elevated as stated in the civil service code.

The Chairman added that Governor Makinde has directed that there should be no case of any worker being owed promotion by the end of his first term, which necessitated the drive towards offsetting the inherited promotion arrears.

“For the 35years I have spent in Civil Service, I have never seen a Governor that has been so magnanimous as Governor Seyi Makinde, conducting four years promotion  at a go is not an easy thing, he has sacrificed so much for the civil and public servants, because they form the bulk of the economy of the State,

“After this exercise, there won’t be arrears of promotion any longer, you know we are going to be due for 2017 to 2020, and by the end of this year, all MDAs must have gotten their data corrected so that as early as 2022 we will be doing the 2021 promotion, so this Government is working on not leaving any arrears of promotion at the expiration of its first four years in office so that when the Governor comes in for the second term, it will be a smooth ride for the workers in terms of their elevation at work.

“We are trying to prepare for the exercise and we are going to train all Directors of administration, Directors of Personnel and Directors of Finance on the promotion exercise because it will involve those three offices, there are some Ministries with Directors of Admin and Directors of Finance and Admin, there are some with Directors of Administration and Directors of Personnel, where we have the three, they will all attend the training to sensitize them on the need for uniformity in the way the promotion exercise will be done.

The training is about sensitizing those who will be involved in the promotion exercise, you know there are variables that will determine the promotion eligibility of every individual, right from APER form, the number of year of the person on the grade level and the scheme of vacancy in the estimate, they all have to be taken into consideration, so those teams will be trained so that all the MDAs will be on the same page, they will follow the civil service rules such that there will not be any overlapping and so that after the exercise, there will not be complaints here and there

“All the MDAs have conducted the exercise, there report will come to the Civil Service Commission where we will ratify whatever they bring for us and we want everything to be error-free, that is why we are having this training exercise, we have sent our roaster to all MDAs and we expect that by the 12th of March, 2021, all reports from these MDAs would have come in, the Commission will now sit on the report of the exercise and ratify whatever was submitted depending whether it was perfectly done, if it is not perfect, we will correct it.

Alhaji Kamorudeen went further to say that the Governor has declared in his media chat over the weekend that there will now be the post of Tutor-General in the State teaching service under the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) and the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), which will have equivalent position with a Permanent Secretary in the State Civil Service, while workers in the State service now have the chance to be elevated to level seventeen before retirement.

“The Governor has already approved Tutor-General for teachers which is an equivalent of a Permanent Secretary, he said it on the television over the weekend that he has approved that while civil servants will now have the opportunity of rising to level seventeen in their service tenure as announced by the Governor during the new year interfaith service by the Governor.”

He called on the workers in the State service to reciprocate the good gestures of the Governor and support the Government for peace to reign in the State, assuring all Oyo State workers that the Governor is the Governor of the masses and that they should cooperate with the Government without capitalizing on the Governor’s magnanimity to engage in dereliction of their duties and urged that they should work for the money they are earn as salary and emoluments.



Hon. Wasiu Olatubosun (P.hd),

Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism,


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