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[Vacancies] Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA)


COVID-19 Action Recovery AND Economic Stimulus (NIGERIA CARES) Programis a short-term response to the economic and coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis affecting Nigeria and is designed to support budgeted government interventions at the state level—targeting existing and newly vulnerable and poor households, farmers, and micro and small enterprises (MSES) affected by the economic crisis. The program outlines a two-year financial support to the States to fulfill program objectives in three key results areas: (a) increasing cash transfers and livelihood support to poor and vulnerable households; (b) increasing food security and safe functioning of food supply chains for poor households; and (c) facilitating recovery of MSES, while strengthening institutional support for coordination and delivery through a separate Investment Project Financing (IPF) component.

NCARES is a World Bank proposed assisted Program-for- Result (PforR) that has the objective of expanding access to livelihood support & food security services and grants for poor and vulnerable households and firms. It will be implemented in the 36 States (Oyo State inclusive) and FCT in Nigeria.

The Result Area 2 which would be responsible for increasing food security and safe functioning of food supply chain will be implemented in the State using platform of Fadama Project in the State.

Therefore, the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency which is responsible for overseeing the CARES Result Area 2 is now inviting applications from serving Civil Servants and Non- Civil Servants to fill the under listed positions


 A soft copy of application accompanying with Curriculum Vitae (CVs) addressed  to the

Office of the Director General,

Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA),

Total Garden, Ibadan

should be sent to this e-mail address: oysada @ mail.oyostate.gov.ng

Submission of Application commences 11th February, 2021   and closes 19th February, 2021 at COB


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